Monday, June 21, 2010

best day ever!


i love monday..well not every monday..only this one..hehe~

i am in such a good mood..i hope this week will be my super happy week..

morning kinda start slow..really? arrived at usual..but last friday i arrived at 9am..hehe..due to some reasons..then at 9am..sad cos k ina was on leave..and k leha said she we waited for k leha..then..we went down to the cafe for some breakfast..then..came back to the office..abg zaflee gave me a kerja skolah...helping him with ordering lamp fitting..after completing and fiza followed abg maswan to cargo..gosh..weird..felt so sad when he 4 ari lg eh? huhu..yes..i will miss u..wuwuu..and i asked him to roger me if he come to bangi...he said he will..hehe..glad to hear that..then came back from cargo..abg jamal said we can joined him for lunch at mab we joined..he belanja us again..hehe..thanks so much abg jamal! then we came back to the office around 2pm..then i started calling my supervisor, dr yasmin..then around 3pm..she called me back said that she already at the klia i was so nervous..i printed the permission letter that k ina prepared last friday..then i fetched dr yasmin at the visitor center..and i took her for a quick tour around the campus..then i took her to the my surprise, both en din and en shahar are there to meet dr yasmin..i dont know what en shahar would say tomorrow..i was all the time trying not to laugh..haha..i dont know what so funny..but looking at both of them so professional really stump me..but it seems so funny that i think i knew the slumber side of them..haha..anyway..thanks so much en din for the kind evaluation..hehe..and thanks to en shahar for the kindest comments..i was kinda flew around the room when they said i wasw a good trainee and questions and funny..then i took dr yasmin to hangar06 cafe for late sorry dr yasmin..i was soo nervous that i forgot to ask first thing i met u...hehe..and thanks for blanja-ing 6pm..after i sent dr yasmin back to her car..i went back to the office finding en din and en azmi at his room..and he ask what dr yasmin said..and telling them what happed and what i was trying to stop laughing about..and yes..they did laughed along..hehe..and after some and fiza later on..went to book for satey for tomorow..then i went home..and pick the new york cheese cake for tomorrow too..but the cake i ordered at the presint15 finished..lucky them i was in a good i am happily drive to alamanda and get the cake there..funny part there..i jokingly said to the girl bg diskaun kn drv g alamanda lak..then she said..alamak..sori kak..ok la sy blanje akak 1 slice kek..and i was like..ok gak luck..alhamdulilah~ thanks Allah..i was so depressed and sad last 2 days..and u healed my heart today..see i told you i am very happy there ^_^


hope another 4 days there will be as happy as today~


oh..1 time-waster ;p

You Are Rebellious

You make seem sweet at first glance, but appearances can be deceiving. * trust this thing once! ;p

You are a total rebel who likes to do things your own way. You're really quite subversive.*betol3~

You can get what you want through charm and grace. When people are around you, they don't know what hit them.*tried..worked few times..winks~

You tend to have a pretty big agenda, but you hold your cards close to your chest.*i'm a baaad girl~

peace n out ^_^

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