Monday, June 14, 2010

internship part 9~

week9 day 1: financial meeting~


financial report presented by assistant general manager from Subang to all property department staff.
the meeting is about the first quarter of 2010 financial report and how MAS is doing with the economic crisis these days~

schuzyy is involved with! haha~

week9 day 2: EPS(electrical power system)


the morning is spent with study on air-cond system for report and asking mr maswan for further details.

in the evening, mr dahari the chargeman took us to the main intake and hangar 05 to check on the electrical power system and to explain where and how the system work in the MAS complex.

schuzyy knowledge is strengthen~

week9 day 3: electrical hands-on work~


there was a complaint at Hangar05 about alarm ringing but there was no fire. so we went with mr Maswan there to check if there was anything..then muted the alarm.

later in the evening, we followed vendor, ANE Engineering guys to the Hangar05 again, and check on the lighting that was reported to be faulty since they checked and found out that the fuse in the lighting system. yes the system is a bit different from the ordinary ones..they want to keep the cost low so they use bus bar to lessen the amount of cable used. so to protect the lamp, they used fuse. so in this case, since the department need the fault to be repair they just do looping to the other circuit that are in good condition and make it in series.

schuzyy learn something~

week9 day 4: fire alarm system


today we followed mr lai, mr maswan and mr shahar to Hangar 05 and check on the MIMIC and I-Panel that will show where fire occur and the system will direct link to local bomba and klia bomba.

to make things easy to monitor, they are combining the info from hangar 05 and 06, then can be monitor from Hangar 6. after making few adjustments and repair..things are working well and problems are solved.

schuzyy had run all in the hangar area..hahaha~

week9 day 5: tender process~


in the morning, i spend the time mostly on my report.

in the evening, i focused on how to do a tender and how a process to make the monthly work done~

it involved much of paper work. RWO(request work order), quotations and etc.

schuzyy is not really liking paperwork..huhu~

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