Thursday, June 17, 2010



: farewell for me n fiza..huhuhu : was such a tiring day! cant believe it..since i cant be saying this in my internship blog so i will say this here..huhu..

like always, my day starts early in the morning, wake up a bit late tho' around 6.30am..huhu..then rushed bathe and get ready at 7am, then arrived at klia at 8am. then breakfast at 9am.oh thanks en atta for the breakfast! then back in the office at 10am..then en shahar told us that en azizi of subang said he want us to go i called him and he said come la..lambat pon xpe..then we went there..

the story is..i went back from the subang airport by ktm..and i arrived at my room at 8.30pm! gosh! tiring day..but still now at 12.30am my eyes are wide open! omg omg~

and tomorrow i need to go there as early as 7am..haha like always~

actually i got something else to write here..but i did and got some problem and somehow it i have no mood yet to write again..haiya~

but 2 things i want to say here..maybe i can elaborate more later..if i remember..haha..

1. i can stand 2 different genders...purposely touching..and just for fun..and making fun of it..or doing it like it was nothing! please~

2. i cant stand bad english! i know mine is never perfect..but i am trying and always try to make it better..huhu~

confession: i am a kampong kuno is me..traditional is me or leave me..i fear ALLAH! i dont mind being called conservative or anything..this is me~

i am repeatedly shocked these days..seeing it on tv is different than when it happen in front of my own eyes...and by people whom i love..i am still looking for ways to talk bout this..but cant find the courage..yet~

peace n out ^_^

whom do we fear?

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