Monday, June 14, 2010

internship part 8~

week8 day 1: happy~


today, mr maswan took me and fiza to hangar 5 to check on the AHU..they were suspecting water block in th pipe underground. so after checking the AHU, he said he need to tell the contractor to check on the pipe 1st.

then we went to hangar 6 to check attend complaints..this is somehow due to the announcement we made on the chill water supply..everyone was complaining that their office are as expected they requested for fans..but since the supply was almost normal, 8degree Celcius, we went to check on the is somewhat we went to the AHU we went to the motor room..problem was there..the motor are receiving false signal from the BCMS, so mr maswan out the motor on that it wont fluctuating and supply steady amount of chill water.

then later that morning, we went to the pump house again with mr megat, repairing the fire panel.

then in the evening, mr sahar said, he wanted to see my log book by the end of the i spend the rest of the evening completing my log book and doing research on mr azmi's assignments.

schuzyy is still learning new things eventho its already week it!!~

week8 day 2: tired~


today, as they after gaji was most busiest day..because everyone is very hardworking..haha~

so do sahar told us to follow him to hangar 6, contractor from singapore came to check on the is intelligent system used in hangar 6 to monitor and control all air-cond, fire-fighting and chill water system in the area. unlike other places..only hangar 6 is using i-panel..other building are using either BCMS, honeywell, johnson control. since few weeks ago, fiza and i was following mr maswan and mr megat from observation and questions, i think now i understand the system better. there are AHU,FCU and split unit for air-conditioning.

so today, we were running here and there to check on every AHU in hangar 6..en azhar said, the hangar was film on national geographic being the biggest structure built in asia. actually the wonder is about how they made the roof in one piece and levitated the whole thing and put it on is big ok!

so the walking and checking went from 10am till 4pm..gosh..sooo tiring..but like i said..i love site visit!! hoho..especially when it is near a dream come true..i even got a chance to touch the plane tyre and turmac..or engine..not really sure what it is called..haha~

but today was happy day! love it! suspend to receive a visit from dr yasmin is still rising..gosh..when will she contact me and say the date..scary~

schuzyy is happy~

week8 day 3: check check checking~


we went to the Cargo Village with Mr Megat to check the list given by Mr Shahar. Actually the list was given by contractor appointed to made good the fire-fighting system in the village, so we as the maintenance people need to check whether the list are tally with the real defects in the place. such as the nozzle, GI pipe and hose.

the check list were done in all 4 cargo buildings. supposedly we also need to check the engineering department but we postponed due to lack of time and other works~

schuzyy is tired~

week8 day 4: labour day in liew leave~


thursday is my holiday..take my leave and go back to my home town..yipee!

week8 day 5: wesak day~


wesak day and i'm off to aloqstaq..hehehe~

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