Tuesday, June 22, 2010



today the office held a staff meeting plus farewell for me n fiza..thanks everyone!

thanks for everything everyone..hope u like my speech..and again..i am sorry if i did anything wrong truout these 12 weeks.

and thanks Property Department MAS,KLIA for this watch! i sure will look at this watch when i miss each of u guys..thanks so much!

i had my mood swing today..i'm not sure what happen..but i was not so happy today..well..maybe because i had too much fun yesterday..huhu~

time waster ;p

You're Sweet Because You're Kind

You believe that this can be a hard life and a cruel world, so you cut others lots of slack.* true~

You think the way to cultivate kindness is to be kind. And you are one of the nicest people around.
*am very2 agreeeee! but now..i am less nice..too much drama~

You tend to believe in forgiving and forgetting. It's easier said than done, but you're pretty good at it.
*i'm a good pretender~

You think that in the end, nothing is as big a deal as it seems. People need to let go more.
*true..be good people~

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