Monday, June 14, 2010

internship part 10~

week10 day 1: pump house


since it is school holiday so i decided to do more reading than just wait for anyone to follow. so i start my day with reading the MAS corporate approving authority manual (AAM)

then later in the evening, mr megat brought us to the pump house to see how the contractor change the starter for the water pump and he also explain how the fire-system works.

schuzyy is getting the real picture now~

week10 day 2: air-cond


again..we went to hangar 05 with mr megat but today it was about the air-cond system. one of the many AHU is reported to be supplying less cool air than monitored thru the BCMS pc in the office. so, we went to check. then  after the contractor check, they said there was a blockage in the supply ducting. so they need to make a hole and only then they can remove the blockage.

then later in the evening, we went to Hangar 06 attending complaint about the gas compressor.

schuzyy is worry about the visiting lecturer..when oh when?

week10 day 3: IFAS


today, mr maswan explain about the IFAS system or Intelligent fire alarm system in the complex.

then at 11am we went to GDC, gas district cooling for a visit.

Gas District Cooling (GDC) Co-generation Plant

The GDC plant is equipped initially with 2 x 20MW gas turbine generators. The output of the generators at 11 kV is stepped up to 33kV by individual 11/33kV, 27 MVA transformers and fed to a 33kV switchboard. From this 33kV board, supply to the KLIA EPS at SSA Substation is provided via 2 x 33kV cable feeders (each rated for 40MVA), 200m in length.The neutral of the 33kV winding for each transformer is earthed via a common 1600A Neutral Earthing Resistor. 
The auxiliary consumption of the Cogen Plant is about 8MW, which leaves approximately 32MW available for export to KLIA EPS via the two aforementioned 33kV, 40MVA underground cables. The capacity of each cable, at 0.85PF (Power Factor) is 36MW. These cables are installed and maintained by GDC.

schuzyy is still learning~

week10 day 4: read on~


today..not much can be i spend the day reading on the IFAS system...huhu~

schuzyy is bored~

week10 day 5: senior~


met mr wan hazizi from MAS subang. he was a graduate from UNITEN i was very excited to get to know him. but he said he was actually graduated from electrical electronic but now he is currently working on electrical power system. from what i know, he is very good in that field. he keep on asking us on eps but mostly we end-up giving him blank sorry mr i know i should concentrate on one thing than trying to get to know everything..insyallah~

schuzyy is try harder now~

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