Thursday, June 3, 2010

life lesson~


i am doing my much that i have learn from them..not just things related with my studies..but most importantly..thing related to life and beyond~

even the staff there are only 25..and i only follow some of them..hmm..(list down)
  1. 1.en azmi- xpenah
  2. 2.en din-of kos la penah
  3. en sahar-penah kot
  4. en azhar-penah
  5. en yusof-xpenah..but much of in-office interactions
  6. en jamal- penah ikot g mkn..haha..but included in xpenah group la~
  7. en zaflee- penah
  8. en zainal-xpenah...but he is my bestie in the office..hoho
  9. en maswan-hofkos
  10. en megat-hofkos la!
  11. en nazri-penah skali
  12. en azlan- xpenah! cuak pelik d ctu~
  13. k leha-penah..g mkn n shopping..haha
  14. k shima- penah..g mkn g umah n g jln2..hahaha juge
  15. k ina- penah la ble kuar ngn k leha n k shima
  16. en shahrony- xpenah
  17. en md noor-penah2...golden lounges lg
  18. k ramlah- g mkn le pe lg..hoho
  19. en dahari@ wak dahari-penah2!
  20. en mokhtar- penah..huhu
  21. wak jai-penah skali
  22. en hazani-xpenah walau skali
  23. en penah jmp skali 2 kt opis
  24. en kamal- g wat pas..haha..not count~
  25. vendor-ANE- penah2
  26. vendor-nabena-xpenah
  27. vendor fmb-penah2..
  28. vendor-zal gemilang- td ptot ikot nek lori? horror jap d ctu~
hmm...think thats all of the property

penah sbb2 lain eg mkn..haha =6

hoho..not bad huh? topic a bit over there..i am trying to collect as many memories from this place before i end my internship there on this 25th..huhu..sad la want to leave that place..all the people the the the surau..even at the guard house..haha..and more sadly..i didnt get any boyfriend from there..haish..sad! ;p

but i what i do cherish most is the life lesson from them..from en azmi, en din, abg jamal, abg jenal, kshima..even it sometimes gegen my own principal..but i will remember what they say..especially what k shima said on how to find a great husband!..haha..

people are different..we can like them we can hate them..but before u say u hate them..please please please learn bout them i know why they say..never judge a book from its cover..even a superb cover cant promise an award winning contents..when they speak..try to listen..true or not..keep for further reference..dont paku staright away..its best to listen than to is true we do can learn bout people from the way they speak their mind..from the voice, the facial expressions, the hand gestures, the body languages, and the contents..

respect them if u want them to respect u~

never act too smart..act sufficiently~ eyes are heavy..will continue later..nite2 all~

peace n out ^_^ Zzzzz~

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