Friday, June 4, 2010

cry is the best medicine?

in these 3 months time..i have laughed so much..see...told u i am enjoying my days as an intern..hehe..but in these few days..i always felt like crying..but nothing sad to be the luckily..yesterday there were 2 topics on 2 different radio stations that have sad there are 2 reasons for me to cry..and God i am glad i did cry that day..people are saying that laughter is the best medicine..but sometime cry also in my case..cry did help me calm..and i just read imah's blog on zira's and their memory on her..gosh..i do miss her..looking at her picture does make me cry each time without failing..and she is one of my besties that know few secrets that i now have no one else to talk to about..T_T


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