Saturday, June 26, 2010

internship part 12: final episode~

week12 day 1: count down started..huhu~


today is monday..and everyone was talking about this week being my final week there..and it was very sad..and kinda depressing..huhu..because i think i will definitely miss them all~

today dr yasmin hanum as my uni supervisor came to visit..and it was a blast..usually only en shahar would join the meeting..but today..en din also joined..thanks en din..eventho u say i was byk mulut..but finally u did say my inquiry is very good..haha..thank a million en din! the visit started with dr yasmin called that she arrived at the visitor centre..then...i help with the pass..because pass matter is always a fuss to everyone..then i took her around the campus..then i brought her to the office..en shahar first told that he got a meeting..and i was scared if he cant meet my supervisor..then next thing i know..both he and en din doing the favor..thanks so much! and the discussion with them lasted around 45min i think..then me and dr yasmin continued discussing and more like a borak2..hehe..thanks dr..i was scared at first..but since it was i am a bit relieved..since i took signal with her few sems ago. so the meeting lasted 3! 3pm till alhamdullilah..everything went a OK! thanks to all!

danke schoen~

schuzyy is relieved..and hope she can get 20% out of 20%..amin..hehe~

week11 day 2: farewell party and staff meeting~


today, we had a mkn2 was a staff meeting plus farewell for me n fiza, thanks so much everyone! ^_^

Thanks again everyone!

week12 day 3: LAE?


today, practical students from subang that we met last week came to klia..serangan balas? eh..lawatan as their bos requested..they need to follow mr maswan and ask about BCMS and how it me and fiza also joined them..then..the day finally arrived!!!

since few weeks back..the week we went to hangar06 with en azhar to repair the pump, we met en halim, penghulu of the hangar..i ask en halim then, can i see how the perot of an aircraft looks like..he said..he cant let me in..but if en shahar write an email and sent to him..he might consider it as an oficial last tuesday..i said to en shahar..sad la..xsempat nk tgk aircraft..then he out of the sudden, he email en halim..but since its already tuesday..he said..dont put on much is in such a short keep on asking en shahar..has en halim replied? then around 11pm..when we came back from AHU at the penthouse, en shahar said..get ready! the penghulu has spoken!! weehooo! my dream some true!!! i got to see perot of an aircraft!!! thanks to en shahar and en halim!! u really made my day!!! we were taken into the cabin, then into the coppit( is this correct?) then we met mr samuel..and LAE, license aircraft engineer..he's expert in radio we aske so much on how to be a LAE..he told us this and that..and i am all excited!!! and i am thinking whether or not to change course? haha~

schuzyy is reconsidering~

week12 day 4: amanat and thoughts that counts~


today was a bit sad because last night was the last time i got to see fiza as my fellow practical student at MAS..she went to perth for holiday..leaving me alone today i arrived at the office at 8.30am..intentionally because i am used to be 2nd after i missed her already..then i came in the office and i found as usual, mr jamal and k ina was there..and k shima was early today too..then k shima called me and she gave 2 gifts..a mascargo pen and a shawl..thanks so much k shima!!! and then around 9.30am, the senior general manager from subang came in to give them briefing about the current situation at the was quite serious..i dont think i should say much in their better be quite..the meeting ended at 12.30pm..gosh it was long..but because it wasnt so they provide foods and drinks..i managed to get thru till the end..hehe..then..i spent much of the time today doing my report~

then at 4pm..en azmi called me into his office..that was the last time i got to see him because tomorrow he wont be that our final goodbyes..huhu..he told me so much that i really want to know..about life, future, LAE, getting the IR title..what to do later..and he said i can look for him rite after i graduate later..yey!! i love that idea so much!!! love u all so much!

en azmi's amanat..find works that suit 3 criteria; salary, work scope, environment..and yes..MAS has it all~

schuzyy wish she could stay..

week12 day 5: last day at Property MAS KLIA


today is my last day at the MAS Property Department, KLIA. it was a a very sad day..even the weather are not soo nice today..raining and cloudy all day..

thanks everone..u will be in my heart forever..

i gain knowledge and i gain experience that i never expect to learn when i first step my foot there..thanks for everything~

hope we can meet again..

thanks for everything u taught me..i will remember all the words, lesson, advice~

schuzyy is hoping the relationship will remain like this forever~

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