Thursday, June 24, 2010



tomorrow is my last day as an intern at MAS..huhu..and this week is the best..tuesday, farewell for me n fiza and we got watch each..huhu..thank you so much Property department! wednesday's night dinner with fiza, abg zaflee, abg jenal n abg maswan. thanks abg zaflee blanja ktorg!! and today, k shima gave me a parker mas kargo pen and a shawl from dubai..and found fiza's cute note and bookmark..and the evening..en azmi talked to me about my future and he even said..i can come to him when i graduated later..sob2..this is making me cry..and just now..abg megat called saying that he invite me to have dinner with his family..yey! meeting his wife and kids! and k shima called asking whether i still go to klia tomorrow..because she thought en azmi see me because i'm not going there anymore..sob2..terharu!!! huhu..abg jamal said..he would give me a call when he come to bangi..abg zaflee and abg maswan said..they will organize bowling at alamanda and they will call me up too..huhu..abg jenal wore his baju putih today because i requested for sooo many times..and my last wish before my last day is to see him with baju putih..and today he did!!! omg! i love everyone!!! how i wish i can stay there forever!!! sobs2~

so much that i learned from u guys! all the life lesson..all the laughs the story the knowledge will be remember as long as i live insyaallah~

staff of MAS property!! u are the best people i ever knew!!! i hope we can still keep in touch! dont delete my number ok ;p

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