Saturday, June 19, 2010

internship part 11~

week11 day 1: report report report report~


according to my schedule given by en shahar, i can just sit down in the office and do my report..huhu and today, my whole morning i spent updating my blog..yeah..this blog..hehe~

schuzyy need to finish my report fast fast fast! ^_^

week11 day 2: cargo exercise


still preparing for report. previously pending job given by en shahar, need to go to the GSE, cargo auxiliary and my study case report progress..huhu

so after followed mr maswan to the opposite office to check on the VAV, then we followed mr megat to those places to check on the list of the fire-fighting system. then followed him to the site office then he sent us back to the office.

then, when we came back to the office, we found out that they are preparing a farewell makan2 for me and fiza on next tuesday..hoho..terharu seposen d ctu..sobs2~

schuzyy is getting sad~

week11 day 3: subang airport~


last friday, when the engineer from subang came, he told us to ask en shahar to let us to subang. but i purposely forget is my 2nd last week ok...but then today..around 10am, en shahr told us that he called and asked us to go there, so we went..and we arrived at subang's airport at 11.30am~

learn about the electrical power systems..and mostly involved much calculations..

and we met new friends from UTM, miera and fatin..thanks for everything! u guys did teach us a lot..and hopefully tomorrow we can learn more from u~

schuzyy started to miss people at klia~

week11 day 4: subang airport part II


so today, mr hazizi taught on how to calculate voltage drop when given a case..

then we attend a meeting with a contractor on lighting and air-cond hamzi also joined the meeting. so we did learn much on air-cond system in subang. plus mr hamzi introduced us to en zainal, and he brought us to see how air-cond system in subang works. so now i can see what are the differents between system in klia and in subang. instead of having their own GDC, subang is generating their own cool water by using air cooller chiller and air cooller chiller and also split units.

thank you so much for every knowledge we get at subang in these 2 days~

schuzyy is excited to apply what learnt in class practically~

week11 day 5: bond~


today, nothing much to learn. i am very much spent most of the time planning on what to put in my report.

breakfast with en shahar and fiza. we talk about what we will do later in the future. then we ask en shahar on his experiences with MAS and all..then i think my new interest is in aircraft and air-cond..gosh..felt less interest in electrical..gosh gosh..hope this wont make me change my course...haha~

then we spent time talking and lepakking with the rest of the staff..gosh i love it here so much..not that we can learn everything but we do learn on improving our interpersonal skill..and i am pretty much think i have changed quite much in this 3 months time..less shy when meeting new people and especially guys..haha..but in a good way of did met my requirement for my practical..yes..this was written in uniten's li guide ok~

even i didnt get to learn everything in details but i think i have spent 11 quality weeks with everyone at MAS property and everyone i met while doing this practical. oh i always mention the staffs name but i never really did mention my fellow practical friends i got a chance to get t know them and learn things from them. so i start with izat, my fellow unitenian whom i just got to know when i knew he too is doing practical at we made a deal..and car pool till this week..thanks izzat..u have been a very good car pool partner..thanks for listening to all my words and stupid stories..haha..thanks for being very patient with me..then come fikri, mfi student whom too doing practical at MAS..he set the pattern on how i should manage myself there..i think if i didnt get to know him..i wont very much can be as happy as today..thanks so much fikri..then along came fiza, my new adik..hehe..lucky i have u as a friend thoughout these time..thanks for all the belanja thingy..all the helps..all the ride..and thanks to u i got the chance to see i-city even we went there during the day..hehe..then thanks to u i can get the taste of shah alam's best abc..then thanks for giving me the tour to i wish uniten would has an indoor pool..huhu..then i met miera and fatin at subang..even i just met them only for 2 days..not much of them i get to learn..but they did teach me a lot..thanks so much everyone..and if i did anything that offend any of u..please please please forgive me..i am just being me..i am just a normal ordinary girl who cant really behave myself when i lost control..hehe~

thanks everyone again~

this has been my greatest bestest wonderful-est 11 weeks ever! i ill never forget every moment in this 11 weeks..hope can meet u again later..and i really really hope u wont forget me..hehe~

schuzyy really really hope she can extend the internship~

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