Tuesday, June 2, 2009

:: 01062009 :: weird life~

weird life..or was it my weird life?

anything la~

since cik idalia point out that i missed 2days of reports here..so here i am..corak-coreting...hehe..thanx cik idalia for reading my blog eventhough u already heard the live one in the car..hehe..lap u!! ;p

day b4 yesterday: hmmm..wat happened? 2nd last day to my last day working there..hehe..no cuties as i was working the night shift..bosan~ but having mazni n acap that night was the best...they r the best! never bored with them i supposed...plus..mazni's sister followed her there n they bring choc cake for us..but it all ended up at my house..in mine n shira's tummy..hehe..super delicious!!! seriously!! i did ask for more..hehe..very da not malu..haha~ after my break at 8pm plus..shira offered to gift me a lift as she wanted tp find some food..n i was at first relieved..cos..i really not having the feel to ride daniel these day..maybe because of there's others nouvos over there n they r lot nicer that mine..huuhu~ my bad...i never bath daniel..haha...just wait..i will..hehe..oh yea...plus..its no-boss day!! haha...they all went to kampong for some makan2...so we were left alone in peace!!..hehe..acap was appointed asst manager n mazni's the asst accountant..me? just the kuli batak as usual..haha..never mind..rather be kuli batak than having to wake up super early to open the station at 6.30 sharp!..no way! ;p

yesterday: my last day at work...was the same as usual..xcept those words from me..telling customers its my last day..haha..sound like a prisoner who will be release..haha..funny..it sort of like that..but deep down..i started to miss them...just them..not the work..hahaha...miss waking up at 4am though..hehe..yea rite~ those taxi's driver did wish me gud luck for studying..need those now..thanx all!!

yesterday's evening: after work...i went home around 4pm..then ask shira bout the plan we've planned the night b4..she said ok..n then we went out around 5pm...heading jj balakong for angels n demon~ hoho..sadly..its full..kinda disappointed..shira suggested we try mines..but it was raining super lebat..that made us decide to go eat..this time..its Pizza hut~ hehe..well..i forgot the last time i went to pizza...last i rememberred..the day with eda n rijal..haha..so long2 time ago..hehe..then..it was super full! everyone was Q-ing...n few were having smokes coming out of their ears..haha..me n shira just laugh at the view..so much to watch~ that why i love observing people..facinating!! i think my one month xperience working at petronas did add up my experience on my observation skill..hehe..back to the pizza story..a makcik..gave us 3 coupons that only valid on that day..we were also pelik..but finally we gave it to the family beside..hehe..generous rite? hehe...overall..it was quite a celebration...thanx shira!! u made my day~

today: morning felt weird..cos i dont need to wake up b4 the sun..no mork work!! yey!! well..there's schoolwork n housework still..hehe..it really weird...woke up at 9am..straight to the shower then ready to act! cewah..trying to finish the assignment i need to passup at 6pm..haish...5chaptersx3partsxaround 10questions each..seem little but it consumes time!! seriously! till thes very moment..i havent finished..hahaha..still i'm blogging..hehe..reheat n ate leftover pizza..make 2 drinks..then mia came back around 3pm..she brought back cupcakes i ordered for the petronas friends..we went there..kinda so so happy with their reaction..but dont blame them because its 3pm..they r changing shift so its a bit hectic..my bad..wrong timing..but boss'reaction was the best!! weirdness over there again..haha...i'll tell abit bout en bos..his the father of kak long n penyelia petang..sometimes ok somtimes annoying..haha..love to call him en bos...others call him boss or pakcik..but hajar said pakcik was only for those 'insiders' or 'org dalam'...direct translation there..hehe..so i choose to call him en bos instead..sound cuter..haha..well..i'm unique..hoho~ there's few times when he kinda layan my childishness..haha..so i end up laughing like mad few times..haha..oh yea..mia told me my evil laugh was annoying to her..haha...thats why it is called 'evil' babeh! but to me..my laugh is sometimes made to make ppl think i am happy but inside? ok2..back to the petronas..ohh..how much i'm going to miss them all..sad i dont get the chance to meet everyone..ok2..let me list down everyone again..according to appearance..cewah..like film's credits..hehe..ijat( the annoying en penyelia petang!!), kak long mazra(lovely talkative cheerful funny mother's of amir), ct hajar aishah(lovely kind hajar..she's working at nearby shell now..good for her..definitely going to see her again..miss her so much..my cikgu), mazni(lovely adik..is marrying next year..has adik whose a chef to be..bake me a lovely-superb! choc moist top with choc chips..wonderful!! thanx heaven for that!!), kak anizah(25-year-old mom..always glabah..n her favorite words was "jgn short sudah" ;p), alias bin mamat..hahaha(remember how he was very xpuas hati when his nametag labelled with full name with 'bin'..haha), kak ida (not know her much..but she got millions of stories sumwhat similar to the malay dramas..tragic~ she's working at the 7e for now..bcause she has transportation problem..can go there to meet her anytime..hehe), yazid(dak kecik yg cute n klakar..always be my bahan..hahaha...naseb ko la yazid..sp soh jd cutest among all..haha..if u read this..dont kembang2 ok! ;p), then along came acap( he resign shortly after i started work..but he came back..haha..funny...manja..always stand or seat close with anyone there..i was not comfy at first..but realising he's just a kid..so let him be..haha...my ngada2 companion..he's good with english..well..better than others..i know he can be better..going to miss those moments..my fav word to him..wateve! gedik-style..haha~), en shariman( not know him long too...his pekatness in speaking always make me say..'huh?' soory man..too pekat...i tryied to understand..plus with my pekakness..its just hard..hehe..glad to know u..u owe me nescafe o ais! haha..xde la.. just joking~), haris( kiddo..he was easy to be comfy with..nice boy..his 18 same with acap..so thats why i'm reffering to them as kids..haha..love his style..but knowing he had 'problem' with en penyelia petang..was a relief to me..got geng!! haha),afiq(muhammad amirul afiq..love the name...oh..me, afiq n haris are nouvo's owner..afiq's wrh2304..mine wrh5686..who got wrh2302?? hhuhuhu)..who else? oh yea..zarif( hate him at first..not so friendly..not likeable..wateve..haha), then rizal(worked for one day..the the next he went missing...then few weeks later..he stop by..as customer..haha..funny he wanted to be recognize..we did anyhow), then last but not least..aziah( i ordered everyone not to call he azi yet as long as i'm there..n everyone follow..hahaha..nice!..so now might be they already called her azi..well.azi its not azy..hehe..unique me! ;p thats all bout petronas..after this..there's no more stories from there...definitely going to miss them all! miss the work..mayb..susun stocks..labelling...checking air especially 100plus n twister...sweeping n mopping..toilet(hate it!!)..eating breakfast..haha(was it part of the joblist? ;p) jaga ngv..getting tips..smiling at strangers(OMG! i cant get used to not to smile at strangers now!! scary when i cant stop myself from smiling!! bahaya2!! scary!!), saying time kaseeeh..saying slamat brenti merokok...missing working with cash register..having thousands in hand..(my best record was rm10++..hehe..) doing drops..kira duit beg..kira float..having to wake up at 4am to work at morning shift...able to sleep till 11am when working night shift(started at 3pm la tapi..haha)..my experiance doing dipping...climbing on tanker...stamping for satey hj samuri..abg posmen..abg sate..haha..abg susu..pcik perfect..uncle dunhill 14..k iera paper..akak nescafe...mcik spec klakar...pcik slambe ckp kete dia buruk..uncle kete fairlady..usharing subaru!! hehe..akak cakoi..those pinkies at the corner...uncle2 ngv..miss reading free newspaper..macha roti gardenia who always came at 6.40am sharp! oojat yg gatal..with his wife..that sate pervert! hish..my yamaha's peminat..haha..scary!..punchcard...haha..miss those hectic life..but i do blame those experience for my weakness in econ..haish...my bad! its ok..this is what ppl say..learn from xperience..rite? weird life..yet fair enough~

just now: its 4.07am now..i woke up just now at 3.30am..i was dreaming of seeing ic of a ghost...funny but scary..plus i havent pray..hehe...ok2..thats all for now...till tomorrow mayb..hope i can finish my assignment today...ameen!!

miss u!!~ where r u? haish...i know we seem to not be there when needed...sorry if its mine..but hate it when its urs..need to work on it more~ still is thinking..xcited but the thought of it scares me..still~

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