Thursday, June 4, 2009

:: 03062009 ::


nothing much happened tbe2 je dh bejela2 tercoratn tcoret..haha..okeh2..

morning: woke up not so early..hehe..tu pon sbb mia remind me of the oral test dis evening..haish...tekejut2...then we get ready to go study at library..first went for favorite nasi lemak kat kedai nasi ayam tu..hehe..miss those..then straight to till 4..then go buy cendawan...gosh..still got some in da bag!! ;p want some? then go to coit..gedebuk-gebebak at 6pm..laoshi came...we r the second partner was duong..she was ok...then..our turn came..gedebak-gedebuk time..haha..dialogue was ok..q&a was super bad!! haha...3/5 i answered with wo bu chi dao..hahaha...mengong~ sian lao 7.5 kire ok la kan..haha..not sure what's the full mark..then..mia n me..we went to coe..had dinner new shop..western mostly..hoho..nice..price was quite ok..for western food..hmm...then..time for econ class..oh2..wait..we went praying at surau bm..sumthing weird happened there..suddenly the light went out..luckily we were'm not that scared..then..went for econ class..bored n sleepy as usual..then..end of carrymark..i aimed for 20/50 but then i'm surprised...i got 40.73/50...super good for me who didnt really study much...i was a career woman remember? alhamdullillah~ still stand a chance to get an a for to thank yuva..he's the reason i my adik!! ;p
went home...watched csi..ate choc cake eh2..mia's brownies n muffin..then here i am..sound so boring..haish...where's my semangat? lost it where? haish..azy!!! cheer-up!!!

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