Saturday, June 13, 2009

caffein again~

Strange Side Effects of Caffeine You May Not Know About

For a lot of people in this world, coffee is the water of life. They cannot function without their caffeine fix early in the morning, and they need their dose of coffee at regular intervals throughout the day. For these people, coffee is the elixir that keeps them going.

The caffeine in coffee does have its positive side effects other than waking our brains up and stimulating us to become more alert and energetic. There are scientific studies that claim that caffeine helps reduce the risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in seniors and has antioxidant properties that cut down the risks of cancer. Caffeine can also help prevent diabetes and constipation.

But there is always a different side to any story, and it is the same with caffeine. Caffeine also has negative side effects. If you are a heavy coffee drinker, here are some side effects of caffeine that you may need to think about.

The Jekyll-And-Hyde Effect

Drinking too much caffeine intake can cause you to display the Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde side effect. This means that while the caffeine in your system has begun to kick in, you will find yourself being energetic, assertive, enthusiastic, jumpy and even noisy. But when that caffeine high starts to ebb, you may find yourself feeling tired, irritable and even depressed.

As you may very well know, caffeine is a strong stimulant. It wakes up the brain and makes it work faster to fulfill the work that you need to get done. However, just like any other stimulant, the caffeine high never lasts long. As a side effect, caffeine can send you crashing down from your high.

Love for Life?

We have mentioned above that drinking coffee can get you feeling depressed sometimes as a side effect of caffeine. This is even more apparent once you start quitting the coffee habit because of the changes caffeine can make in the chemistry of the body.

A study conducted on 130,000 people in Northern California has revealed that caffeine may actually be good for the mental health. Though drinking too much coffee and kicking the coffee habit altogether may make a person feel a bit depressed, the study has shown that regular and moderate coffee drinking can keep the suicidal thoughts away. That is one interesting side effect of caffeine.


Two of the known side effects of caffeine are: 1) it makes you want to urinate more frequently; and 2) it makes your internal anal sphincter feel more relaxed. In a way, these can be good. Urinating frequently can help the body eliminate wastes faster. A relaxed anal sphincter can relieve constipation.

The downside of this, however, is incontinence. If you drink too much caffeine, one side effect you can experience is wetting your bed. Also, if you are already suffering from incontinence, caffeine can weaken the anal sphincter and cause your problem to become even messier.


If you are a woman who tends to curse the days she has to experience menstruation because of the pain and discomfort it brings, or if you are a man who is living with a woman who snarls at you when it is that time of the month, keep the coffee out of the house when the red flag is up. A side effect of caffeine is that it makes having the periods more painful.

Caffeine can give you a nice head start in the morning, but do keep the coffee habit in moderation. You would never know what strange side effect caffeine may have on you.


i admit i am a caffein addict..huu~ cant live without one since its holiday now..i'm controling my coffee..only take one when i need to go out jalan2 wit mama...because without one..i dont think i can bare long with her..ahaks~ sorry's true though..hehe..some of my friends say i'll be hyper when i take that mean it's noticeable..haha..cant help it..but i like the makes me feel alive n ignoring the sad of anything to do with it..seeing everything at the good side..always that's me! think even without one also i'm hyper..except when i'm really tired..without caffein i just as good as dead ;p's the link for above infos


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makcik..meh ler g taman negara..maseh boley lagi buat kompemation kat i...hihi...slow talk ngan taw dia kasi..kamu kan anak nyer..mesti tau pe yg melemahkan get it..lalalalalala

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anta di tag..tlg la buat..tq

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caffein is goooooddddd! haha

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cik idalia: blk sabtu..mnumpang kakandaku yg pass dlu la yg time g mn2 jgn lpe sy eh ;p

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sorry ye wo de housmate..uhuhu..hav fun!! next time kte g sunway lagoon nak? sy kmaruk nk berenang2 di muara ;p