Wednesday, June 24, 2009

was it me?


i am getting really upset n sumhow offended by them..or just their words! sorry..i keep on reminding myself to be positive! but if they keep on doing this as if i'm a lunatic! then i really cannot see how i'm going to avoid acting like one..haish..ok2..lunatic kinda harsh..but sumthing like that..i was joking but they seem to think i'm serious..haish..and having those people change..that just dont work with me..i'm using english here because i wanted to improve it but in real life conversation i still stick to malay..well..kampong me~ it annoys me when u said that..but yet i used it under conscience..just to relief my anger.. i wanted to tell u..but seems too late now..not wanting to hurt u but it hurts me! how? not wanting history to repeat itself..but from what i can see now..every words out of ur mouth and fingers hurts..and it still does as i type this..sorry..i told u bout those i cant forgive..but seems i did forgive like they say..people change..5th chance given..even if my broken heart break's all what we called friendship...sorry if i hurt u..forgive me for being like this..because it maybe because u hurt me first and i tend to pay cash then regret later..again..sorry~

aceed gave me link for this this! but still...being emotional like this..remind me of drama i watched there's still true love? cinta sejati? hmm~


Anonymous said...

u..i tatau pe yg u mepek kat ats ni..but i tau i hurt..pasal label nyer hurt..
i sorry for that dear..
-i comment pasal i care..

schuzyy said...

u hurt gak ke? alahai...sian kte kan..huu~ nway thanx ye komen..i tharu nih ;p