Monday, June 8, 2009

:: 08062009 ::

salam bosan~ to be my happiest day because i finished my final paper turn the other way around..i feel really down..n facebook quizzes dont help this time..haish..gosh..its true i did sigh a lot the fact of having 2 final papers in one day!! n its super hard because i choose to work n result in me having no time to study..its good for experience purposes but for life as a student? its just not really suitable..some say its just me who not hard enough for the work surrounding dreams of working on the oil n gas platform or whateva they called them..sorry..havent do reseach on that yet..hehe~

those laughs are fake! i can fake it to make me look happy outside..but deep inside? only god knows..not sure why i'm like this today..too many lead to this...mama telling me to go back as soon as i finished exams..haish...need some time to rest..not that i dont want to spend time with her..just need time with myself...sorry mama...i'll be back tomorrow night..insyallah~ exams today: mandarin...hmmm...70%ok...30% just down the drain i supposed...all characters?? i havent memorize that much..pretty much my own fault...huu~ part of all..its just me..having conflict inside..bad~ but just glad its happening now instead of yesterday..hehe...looking at the bright site~ ok...pouring it here let me see it all in the bigger picture...that what blogging is to me...a place to pour some of my thoughts here instead of keeping it all inside..rotting~ just like dumbledore did with his pensive..if u wonder what i'm talking about...obviously u havent read or saw any harry potter's..rite? :D


plans: tomorrow morning..have breakfast with hajar..then go to hentian ticket for kampung...then maybe just lepak at home..facebooking..haha...then go to alamanda for some quick shopping with mia...then...just waiting for the night to go back home..part of me..wanting to go home..another part just dont~

word: just dont know what will happen tomorow..hate me today..hate everything that happened today...even..having them didnt help..get annoyed super easily today...sorry...i know i need to understand..i'll try to fix this ok...promise...need to be the happy me!! yosh!!! :D

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