Tuesday, June 2, 2009

:: 02062009 ::


as usual..my daily report~ :D

morning: today i woke up at 3.30am..i think its still the petronas habit..when i was working the morning shift i alway woke up at 4am..so i'm still havent tune out again..haha..its good for now as i'm having my final exam this coming 8th june..hope everything going ok...tomorrow is my mandarin's oral test...hope i can remember how to answer in mandarin...scared2! woke up...then i continue yesterday's post because mia said i fell asleep with my hands on my lappie(his name is acap ;p) quite a long i..i just realized that when idalia told me..well..morning is the best time to do this corat-coret thingy...hehe..

still morning: i followed shira when she's going to work..then she stop me at the corner..i'm buying breakfast for everyone..plus pulut sekaya...i dreamt of having one everytime i see the color green..nyum2...luckily its good as i hope it will be..hehe..mayb tmorow another slice..hehe

still morning: i continue doing my mandarin's assignment..lasted till the last minutes of the class..haish...time consuming!! i really hope i did remember sumthing..so that i can aswer tmorrow oral test..ameen! 

class: i was getting ready super early today...at 5 sharp i was ready to go...idalia too..at first i thought of going with my bike, daniel..but..by the time i was going out..idalia said its started raing already...huhu...luckily she offered me a lift..again..thanx cyg!! :D but what worries me..she did say she will finish early cos she'll have oral test today..she went back at 6pm..when my mandarin class its just starting..huhu..ajoy called me during class..sorry dear..cant take ur called..yesterday i take rijal's called..yana said its so loud even next group cam hear it..hoho..n today big story! i dont know how to put this...but..i learnt sumthing precious...helping ppl has its limit..not to say its a bad thing to do..but when those ppl we help dont even try to help us back when we needed one..its just a sign of a no-no on the next..i gave u second chance...thought u would change..but..seems that u still the same u..so..like i always say...move on~ luckily it will only last till next week..having u doubting me..was another matter...having u showing it on the face without even trying to cover was even more hurtful..next time it happens again..u wont find me..that sumwhat a promise..sorry...u lost me~ 

having me to open my heart for the third time..its just not going to happen...so try hurt me once..and again..then...for sure..u'll lose me..didnt know friend could break heart this bad..T_T

tonight: having idalia n mia coming to fetch me..really open my eyes for true friendship..love u girls!! thanx for having me..after class..which always finish at 8pm++..poor them having to wait..sorry idalia...then we went for dinner at my favorite kedai...ramai seafood...miss their nasi goreng kampong n sambal belacan..but the owner changed..so i assume the cook changed as well..the sambal was salty..not that good anymore..but tonight i had sup campur n telur bistik share with mia..sharing is caring rite? ;p the price is stii ok.rm 13.50 for 2..still under budget..haha..well..payday is still counting to come..hehe...

tomorrow's plan: hmm..think i would try doing the same like today..sleep first then study on the morning...hopefully i can make it on time..no more curi2 tido...i regret a bit...but the 'situation' is more regretful above all!! sorry girl..

oh yea..mama called this morning asking if brunei sound good for our next vacation..hmm..sound kinda bored..haha..sorry mama...but anything ok for me..hehe..as long as they dont leave me ..^_^

pray for me ok..hope can score cos econ is going down the drain..haish~

miss u still~

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