Thursday, June 11, 2009

tido ke xyah?


like what i always do during eat..then continue sleeping...ekeke~ so very2 healthy..hehe..tomorrow friday...abah got plan for me..more like torture..huhu..he told me to cook...huhu..not that i dont like ccoking...just dont feel like it yet..hehehe..lazy..yes i am..a bit..feel like want to sleep all da way to july..hehe..told mama i want to buy something like purse for myself with my first ever salary..hehe..mama said..we go to penang this weekend..but abah wanted to go to 'padang' or sawah padi..hehe..well...orang dah nak pencen kan ;p so i'll have to wait and see what's going to happen this weekend...i arrived on is thursday..and me n mama had went to almost all shopping mall there is here..haish...why so sikit...left 2 more..alor star mall n ct plaza..ct plaza i will explore with nadiyah..its her birthday this maybe we'll go out for some celebration...promise mama n abah to treat them that night at kuala perlis..our favorite spot..hehe..this holiday..i've plan to do some survey on my dream phones..ask ajoy bout omnia..but 300+ pound sound kinda impossible for now..huhu~ berangan je la lagi..huhu~ think i would save the money in asb..just to make it grow a little..hehe..puyos je..i'll try..but the survey will happen no matter what..hehe..degil ;p

mama said..this 27th all 6 of us..mama,abah,pendi, k farina, adib n me..will be having splendid holiday in langkawi!! yey!! sea!! beaches!! swimming!! tanning!! shopping!! chocolate!!! yey!!!

ok..thats all for today..slamat tido~


arch-t said...

wow langkawi


shera said...

wah sounds great..sonok org dpt cuti ngan family..envy la plop..huhu :D

schuzyy said...

hehe..sile2 jelesi sy..hehe..jom r bla2 g langkawi ramai2 azy ley tour guide!! ;p

schuzyy said...

acik! choc? pe pesanannye cik? aku amik upah delivery 30% je..lalala~