Saturday, May 30, 2009

::29052009 :: haish~

today: doing the night shift..i was so shock when en bos said that there's noone there xcept me, acap n ijat..haish..the last name i would rather not hear to be in the shift with..sorry ijat..not that i hate u..but having u around just make me hate u more without even knowing why..haha...ask urself..i'm very glad i'll only last 3 more days there!! yey!!!

today: they say petronas ppl are coming to out of sudden..i'm the new cleaner of the day..haish!! alias was laughing me at me when he saw me angkat sampah..each n every tong sampah kot..huu~~ xpe2..once a lifetime!! haha~ it was not that bad..lucky me its all just dry n no odour...*sigh* but till the end petronas ppl came..ampes..pity acap..he's the one who's doing the most job..sorry kiddo~ :D

today: after k ani n aziah of the day shift went back..felt like thousand ppl came today..n my sale reached rm10++..1st time ever!! even en boss was shock to see that..hoho..i'm shocked too..i never handdle that much money b4..hehe..another precious xperience~ :D

tonight: i think i did tell about the 'stalker'...when i told acap bout him..he said i got 'peminat' but why i turn scarier just at the thought of him..ngeri2...he's not bad looking..but i just not use to having peminat..haha..sorry..not that obvious..tonight..he came 3times...i remembered his face since the last time..when he asked why i went missing for 2 days? i was mc that 2 days..but having him asking that made me think..why on earth did he go there everyday? scary..frends said mayb his a long traveller...need to refuel averyday..but coming to the same kedai 3times buying the same thing..istn it sumthing? scary!! i'll continue my observation again tomorrow..scary2~

tonight: acap belanja burger...he said he made it himself..just ate it..was ok...a bit banjir...but the vege was perfect! love it!! n acap said ayam special only rm2.80..super cheap kot!! hoho...he said it was his frens's mayb i can get discount again next time..hehehe~

tonight: i still dislike en penyelia..acap said g la akak...fist n last time..haha..funny acap..pang satg the end..i did go cause we need more change..haish..hate it!! hate him!! lucky me tomorrow n the day after he wont be there..hahaha..heaven!!

morning: i woke up 6.30am this morning...then i cant sleep again...mayb i was so used to morning shift...hehe...ariund 8 i fell asleep again..hahaha..

perut2: kesian my perut...i only had maggi n burger today..wonder why i'm not that hungry today...hmm..why oh why?

tomorrow: i need to wake up early so that i can finish my mandarin assignment n study for oral test..hehe..hopefully i'll do xcellent! ameen!

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