Saturday, June 27, 2009

my fav!! back then and mayb now too..haha~


not much words today..just sharing this song..nothing significant happened but this was my fav song back then..n suddenly just now..
it crosses my here it is..miss kevin!! ;p

this one here..tribute to MJ..eventho his not malaysian so his not our lagend but the song says..
yg patah belum tumbuh lagi..yg hilang belum we lost our p ramlee, we lost MJ..
those are greatest entertainer of all time..would there be new lagends? only god knows~

ps: i'm off to langkawi till tuesday..not sure to bring acap(my lappie) with us or not..berat kot naik feri je..haish..waith n see..hehe..till tuesday!! salam~~



diza said...

10,000 promises tue my fav gak!

until now okay. haha.

schuzyy said...

uyoo!! hebat2..mine too!! jom karok lgu ni nnt ;p