Friday, June 19, 2009

less sleep..sad..jiwa kaco..happy again :D


today started around 8.30am..pakcik came to do the a slave of the house..haha...i need to prepare the air..since abah bought roti canai today.,hehe..slave la sgt..pakcik brought his son my cousin of cos..haha..n worker..funny him..not eating because he was shy with me..luckily i was going out..haha..funny~

the around 2pm..i went out with nadiyah..celebrate her belated birthday..we went to tesco n ate fav of plus sumthing carbonara..hoho..cheese!! yey! at last! then thought of going for a movie..transformer was the target..forgetting its coming out on 24th..haish..then we notice there's a karok center next to the cinema..yes..i'm in aloq cinema..cap ayam again yes..not tgv or gsc yet..when oh when..haha..then..nadiyah seduce me for a session..cewah..sorry for my word thing i know..i was inside a room singing n not wanting to go i know why nurul n her friends so addicted to go was my 1st time ever going karok n i'm planning with nad that our next day out will be a 3-hour karok day..haha..gile~

mood today was unstable...i was happy in the morning...super down in the evening..n now..late at night or whateva u call 3 am..i was happy again...all thanks to my darling cyg shida!! yey! haha..berkat merindui bf2 memasing r dh..thanx anyway shida for being there rite when i needed sumone to talk to..luv u!! muax2! its seriously fun to think about our idea of changing our facebook's status to open relationship...haha..cik idalia..i told shida about u n k azua..n she love what u did! hehe..i pon!! ;p

sometimes i wonder..i drank quite alot of abah's tongkat ali ali cafe tu..will it effect me in any way? sometimes i kinda acting like super girly..haha..have i? gedix maybe kot..hehe..n the other time i was like bit manly..such as usharing girls..haha..another weird thing i discovered today..i was wearing my selendang bought long ago...which mia n eda was repeatedly scold me for having it berabuk inside the i am wearing it each time i go out i even ask k farina to buy 5 more to bring when we go to langkawi next mia..u should b proud of me now..eda pon...n plus..i am wearing blouses...hahaha...which i never will wear when in kl..haha..dont know why...just felt weird..i know i supposed to feel weirder wearing it here in aloq staq since its not that common yet here..but still...haha..not for the attention no! that was off the topic! i am not that kind~u know if u know me..

oh...another breaking news! uniten hostel fees raising again! its 280 for single n 200 for sharing..gosh! i really need to stay outside!!! cik shera!! cik idalia!! help!!! huhu~

was i jealous of her? should be happy for her isnt it? think i need help!


shera said...

carbonara?haish kasi pewut guek yg gagah pekasa neh lapo laa u..kamoo minum tongkat ali ali cafe?wah pasneh sure ah tuttt..haha wont say it :p

girly..manly..confuse? sila la amek quiz - what type of you?: straight,gay or bi ..:D..i'm offense eah *peace*

bapak mahal..kesian korg yek..huhu..need help?yg tuh kene bncg ngan cik azua kite eah azzy..:)

schuzyy said...

haha..shera..tut eh.tu r psal..xpe la..mata celik sudeh..sek xckp tido lak..ari2 on9 smpi kol 4 5 sok pepagi mak pastu2 tido blk r..hehe..well.cuti kan..jgn jeles eye cik shera ;p

Anonymous said...

oh udah kompem naik yer kediaman lam ilmu..kahsian..erm..cane nk tlg..t mesti ramai nk jugak dok lua ni..pusing2...
udah pandai g karok ni...pasni..per lagi..moh la kite bersame2..lalalalalala...jumpe di mines ker di alamanda ke..kan

schuzyy said...
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schuzyy said...

karok cik idalia? okai! roger la ble nk g ye..hehe..sal hostel tu..setlah dibawa ke dewan rakyat(bincang ngn mak je..hehe) didapati sy dpaksa duk dlm jge..alamatnye cam xde can je nk beli fon..huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu~