Thursday, June 18, 2009

::love n hate::


maybe some will notice the title upthere..i love to use that when this time comes..and i found it weird everytime this time comes..there r something like coming to counter hard to tell this in other words~

morning: i woke up super early today(8am)..haha..well compare to other days..thats why i dont really like is days which i need to get up late..unless i really got somthing..ok..the reason i woke up early today..because mama said pak cik is fix the ajoy texted me..then he called..telling bout the status..ok..then..pakcik came..had breakfast..nasi lemak kukus!! yey!! abah told me to eat other than nasi..but..well..its me..a kampong girl whose cannot live without nasi ;p worried bout my weight..but well..a swimming lesson can reduce me!

evening: going out with mama..hehe..deep inside..evil me always has an evil agenda..hehe..evil agenda for today...surveying for that wonderful music express! hehe..wonder which one is better...for money n the function of cos! still eyeing omnia! but still berangan...way too expensive! huu~

huhu..the w705 is around rm920 n the music express 5800 now here in aloq staq is one's better? the function? i love the fact that both hav wi-fi..rite wins just because of the touch screen..lbey krg omnia...huhu..omnia~ told mama i would love to have that as bday present..well..berangan~ haha

nite: haha..the good news!! booked for bali!! yey!! so 8th till 12th august i'll be flying to bali!! yey!! beaches!! here i come!! hoho...lambatnye bln 8~ hehe

ok...this is the big story! the hate of the day! this sumbody..(i hope u reading this...since u know my email..not sure why i gave it to u) he texted me..calling himself alif..whateva! asked where he got my no..lame answer..kwn..who i asked..lame answer again: dh janji xnk gtau..lame~ so here it fav word of the day...whateva! thanx to mia! haha~ i challenged him to call..but at the point i heard his voice i hang up...scared~ call me pengecut?! whateva! like i care! i just want to make sure its not any of my girls playing pranks~ huhu..why it doesnt be that i'm kinda scared~

changing the topic~

shida2..haha..she's my savior tonite! haha..thanx shida!! ko xwat pape xcept teman aku pon aku dh lega kot..hehe...sje je nk bg ko tharu aku tulis nama ko kt cni...hehe..tharu x cyg? ;p welkem to my blog!! jemput la mkan nsi lemak kukus tu..abes nnt aku tambah ;p

okies..thats all for now..nitey! salam~

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