Sunday, June 21, 2009

wake up!!


happy me is back after few days of moody days..hehe..i wasnt this happy few minutes ago..but i just did a quiz on fb and this is the result

Azyy took the The Attitude Test quiz and got the result: Optimistic..

Optimistic: you are super-positive when placed in any difficult situation, which makes you strong, independent and attractive

and i remember..i've set my mind when i entered uniten..i want to start a new life..a new life with less problems(which occasionally failed..hehe) less drama and always optimist! think positive! i know this is working nice n smooth since foundation..i did felt happier..but the dramas i kinda failed to escape few times..hate it...but well..that what life is all about..drama is a way for us to learn about life and human attitude. i've seen so many drama in this 4 sem and a year of foundation..not to left those 3 n a half year i spent at gmi..on of course those years at school...i've met so many people...having minor n major conflicts with friends and even teachers..and all of those memories remain for me to learn and never repeat the same mistake and do the same good deeds~ i was loved..i was hated..i loved and i hated..i admit i hate and love people too easily that i sometimes fear of a new relationship..i love making new friends...i love meeting new faces..old and young..i learned so much while i was working at petronas...that was another story..another circle of life..back to basic..friends..i miss all my best friends ever since kindergarten up to today..i lost count..i do remember all the names..k long,jj,alwani,adira,syaza,izzati,marni,farah jawahir,aniza,nadiyah,afiza,ku,hasnida,banu,nadiah syafiqah,meah,aini,lynn,ballz,el,husna(gosh..i think all my tepeng's classmates girls was my besties) , ita,zira,shida,jana,eda,nani,(all of the 12 i would say)..fairuz,yana,lyza,mia..and not forgetting my 2 month's housmates..idalia n shera..hehe..aci la kan..u were all close to my heart..eventhough u maybe not considering me as ur best friend..i do..or did..even just for a while..i do cherish all of u as my friends..miss n love..u made my life happier and life worth living~

i hope days ahead..i will live life to the fullest..ignoring the tiniest detail and focusing on the bigger picture..aiming to the goals is the best way to avoid the conflicts..i'm thinking to live alone next sem..but that just no me..i need friends..not used to walk n eat alone..honestly i regret all the stupid fights and sulking bout the tiniest matter..being sensitive is trying hard not to be super sensitive again..but forgive me if i judge u wrongly..peaple make mistake..please forgive me for doing any..all i need all to know..i love all my friends even if u dont~

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shera said...

abaikan such is short..dunno when the clock will stop enjoy to the max but must not ever cross the 'line' okie cik azzy :)