Saturday, June 13, 2009

too much sleep~


not sure what to corat-coret here today...most of my activities today are sleeping and going out..haish...i'm still planing to go out with nadiyah tomorrow(sunday as now its already 3am) its her its my duty to make her super happy that day rite? but..what if my appeal out of house is not approve? uhuhu...hard to say~

today..listening to news make me scared to go out...h1n1 is declared as pandamic..i just spent 1 hour plus reading bout it on wiki..(sambil2 main restaurant ct..hehe)..super scary!! none in kedah yet..but..we're planning to go to penang maybe pn sunday..n next weekend going to langkawi...hope nothing bad happen..mintak jauh2~

oh yeah..ask eymo bout that cute perfume of hers..its blossoming romance "silkening body splash" copy pasting from facebook ;p gosh..i hope it's not super expensive..since its not available in malaysia n shida say even not in now i'm depending on ajoy..huhu..rugi xpau eymonye sket aritu..hahaha..sorry emo atas niat jahatku ini ;p that perfume smell super cute! topic..meals i had today...hmm..thinking bout this make me breakfast for me cos u know why..hehe...lunch..abah n me prepare some quick tomyam udang n sambal n my all-time fav ayam goreng..hehe..oh yeah! got one more left...hmm...tomorrow la..fatty2~ then in the evening...abah came back with durian!!! yey!! plus pulut n fav! maybe tomorrow i do some mango blend..hehe...n no dinner...that all..but...with that only 2 n mama were sleepy all day...waiting for isyak was like waiting for long..but now..i end up not sleeping bcos i was sleeping all day after lunch...haish...sleeping2...should have some coffee tomorrow..just to adjust my sleep to malaysian time...ahaks~

thats all for today! adios~

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