Tuesday, August 31, 2010

happy merdeka day!!! ^_^


not much planned for today..so back to routine..rest at home..and sleep..lots of it..hehe..having intention of studying..but will be working on it..hehe~

it's 31st August 2010..happy birthday Malaysia! i love my country..i thank Allah for deciding and placing me here on this land..not much happened around here..but still..it is still full of life..for 24 years i live here..going out every now n then..anywhere i go..Malaysia is still the best..and everywhere i go..Kedah and KL still the best..the food..the culture..the life..I love every part of it..thanks Malaysian for making Malaysia a peaceful place to live in..hope it will still so till the end~

Ramadhan: it is almost the end of it..still havent get a chance to go for terawih..i am planning to go tonight..procrastination is still the main factor..blame the bed..and the internet..hoho..but it's all coming back to me..if i were good inside..i will go no matter what..I am so sorry Allah..i have been procrastinate a lot..

this morning: i was feeling a bit sad..then i remember..everytime there's no one around..there's always Allah..so i did..but like i always think..who am i to Him..so i prayed as always..but today..the feel is quite different..after sahur..i went straight to my room..and get ready for subuh..it has been a while since i last stay longer for solat..then..the miracle did happened..i do believe it now..and now..after all the things i went through these years..i have been thinking..and today..i said to myself..i will always have Allah around..thanks my dear God..thanks for showing me the way..even the slightest hint u gave meant a lot to me at this moment~


yesterday: class was supposed to be full..10am till 6pm..but no lab means no control's..hehe..so i ended the day at 2pm..then i went to service the car..gosh i felt so much of a woman today..haha..felt so super independent..i manage myself just fine by my own..without any help..well..maybe some help from abah..machih abah..hehe..gosh..i am an adult now..hoho..proud of myself! yosh schuzyy! ^_^

breakfast: eryn joined us for buka puasa..and last night was another tomyam's night..gosh i still miss makcik kelantan's tomyam..and chemah's sambal belacan..hehe..nothing can beat those deliciousness..hehe..thanks kakak for joining us..it always just me and ita all this while..having some extra people around is always a new experience to me..hehe..and last night i learned to be positive and cheerful! because eryn told me she remembered the first time i talked to her..haha..gosh it was kinda funny..she said i was complimenting her shoes..and fyi..my compliment is always true..straight from my heart..if i dont means i really wont..hehe..so trust me when i say anything..i never lies..and that is why i hate liars~

hmm..my blog is always full with words..no pictures..if u still reading this..thanks so much!!! love u for loving me..because i got few friends who say they cant follow my lengthy wordy blog..hehe..it's always fine by me..

thanks again!

peace n out ^_^

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