Tuesday, August 24, 2010



today..many things happened..funny..sad..tired..everything everything..haha~

hmm..where to start...ok..hehe..we start we the funny yet jengkelest stuff haha..ok2..i am watching 'hotel mania'..yes..i did followed the series since it started..maybe because under ita's influence..i like the series because it was KRU's..haha..and they say it was somewhat like Glee..haha..omg..so not the same i dare say..but the effort was there.and today was the finale..and omg omg omg! it was sooo typical malay series..ita and i was like going all crazy and gedix imitating the dialoque..omg..ok2..example..i like hello kitty..reaaally? i like hello kitty too..kalau kite kuar date.kite anggap tu satu date ok? omg!! whatha! haha..ok2..enough2..oh2..not to mention this song..oh..here's the lyric i managed to type while i was making faces watching..kikiki~

"ku rasa sunyi..teramat la sunyi..
ku rasa sepi terasa sgt sepi teamat sgt la sepi.."

haha..funny isn't it? hehe..sorry maker of this series..well done for the great job! congrats for trying to create our own Glee..good luck again next time! ^_^

ok..next story..today..not much i did..class 9-11am..lab not completed because got class..thank God class was ok..and oh..still i dont understand people not wanting to say thanks when offered favours..haish..ok..i know sometimes i did the same..so sorry! i'll try not to do that again..is perfecting my own attittude..hehe..then class at coit at 2pm..but i went to Eda's room to rest (tido sebenarnye..hehe) gosh it has been quite sometimes since i last lepak with Eda..hehe..rindu ko..hoho..then i went to coit..then class..then..i text eryn..and she said she was sick..so i asked farah if she want to go visit her too..then syafiq said what if we went there together..so we did..kakak condition is quite bad..sad seeing her like that..makan ubat ye kakak..hen at 4pm..farah has class..so we headed back to uniten..then..i lepak at coit because i need to wait for ita n farah..then i continue my rest( hehe~) there..then..jeng2..the suspense.. when i checked my bag for the car keys..omg! it was not there!!! i told farah..she was too shock like hell..haha..and it was funny..hehe.. then she called her boyfriend..and he too was shocked..hehe..i dont know why it seem soo funny..it was supposed to be a sad unfortunate event for me today..haha..but her bf said..it was quite impossible to come back to uniten because he live in melawati and it was 5pm that time..haha..then..k onny text me asking where i was..then i called her telling the unfortunate event of the day..hehe..they she ask me if i want her to come fetch me at uniten..so said..yey..please!! hehe..so she came..but farah said..she will take the bus..so i said..oh ha aaa..jom2..azy pon naik bas la..da lama xnaik bas..k onny xyah la dtg coit..so i did..and omg..that was the 1st time i take bus since foundation..omg..that was soo long ago..haha..the bus was full with boys..because next stop is amanah the boys' hostel. so farah and I decided to sit near the driver..so maybe the driver was super bored or something..he was so funny..trying to be fun i would say..and we just give him pity laugh la..kesian..hehe..sorry bro..;p then k onny came and we went back with her..thanks k onny! kalo akak xde xbalik la azy n ita..hehe..thanks a million!!! hehe..syg akak! and all the way back i was soo energetic..like it wasnt fasting month..haha..see how crazy i am with nescafe..hehe~

oh2..next story..hehe..again..today..a foundation student thought i was the same age as her..19..hehe..do i still look like 19? haish..please dont tell me so..because i think i will be soon sick of those..haha..yea rite!

ok2..enough schuzyy enough! hehe..
hope my jason will be OK at uniten all by himself..huhu..we meet again tomorrow ok.~

peace n out ^_^

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