Tuesday, August 17, 2010

happiest sadness~


today..i've been laughing soo much! unashamedly i've been admitting to everyone today is my 1st day fasting..yes..i am not ashame of it because I think having 'that' means I am normal..so i shouldn't be ashame of it..not wanting to admit it same as I am ashame being a girl..rite? haha..ok2..i say 'that' up there..kiki..ok..xpaham naseb la..kiki..ok2..so back to today's story..the day start with gosipping about my classmate, a friend a... hoho..i was so shock last week to see them together that make me wonder so much..are they together..so i start my mission of the day to know the truth nothing but the truth..haha..so i start my interrogation with my housemate..haha..then she said..haha..that was so yesterday..what? how can i missed such a hot story..then i interrogate my coursemate.haha..and he said the same thing..OMG! cant believe it still..haha..then i met the guy himself..he was like..laa..we are just study friends..nothing more..but i was like..haha..yela..xpe2..kitorg doakan ni..hehe..but i was like..ala..tapi as ur adik angkat yang angkat diri sendiri xnak la kakak ipar camtu..hahahaha..ok.. unashamed! haha xkesah..as long i'm happy..

well..i think i am happy..haha..or i think people will think i am happy..but the real fact is..i am not so happy in the inside..i hate this really..my head is jammed with all the study..and plus..the dearest beloved person is ignoring me..hate that..i think maybe u think i would need this time alone..no u are wrong..this is the time when i needed u the most..yes..we r not alike about this..u like to be left alone during exam time..but me..i very much would appreciate not being left alone..i think i would understand u not calling during the weekend..but the other days..where were u? i wanted to call u but i think there were very few time when i did..u cant really talk..busy working or u was with someone..so..i think it is best for u to call..sorry bout that..that what i think best for now..ok..i know i am being stupid to put this all here..sorry..but i hate this..u have been doing this repeatedly..please dont do it again..please please..it hurts me~

ok2..positive schuzyy positive~

ok..today is tuesday! yosh!!! another new start..another morning..another day..another story!


peace n out ^_^

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