Wednesday, September 1, 2010

holiday is always my favorite!


it was merdeka day holiday yesterday..i was at home almost all day..supposedly planned to spend time with my dearest friend (u-know-who..haha..sronok emo ngn u smlm..kikiki) but end-up she was busy with her's ok..i around ita and I went out around 6pm for our ultimate journey of the Merdeka day..chewah..not so much of a journey..just a few last moment spend with the car, Jason before i sent him back to my brother..huhu..thanks Fendi for lending me the car for this 4 months..sorry for all the ehem..breakage to the car..i promise i change everything when i got a job later..hehe..'s the itinerary..cewah~

6pm: out from bangi toward KL, fendi's house..main purpose was to take my folder and find all my results slips..but none was there..huhu..

8.30pm: search for berbuka place..haish..we actually break fast with only kerepek n kuih raya courtesy of eda..machih ye eda..sedap gile r kuih buatan ko..nanti bg lagi ye..hehe~

9pm: due to traffic jam..we were stuck at Kampung Baru..and because the kedai we intendedly to go was on the opposite side of the street..we cant find we decided on finding another place..KL kan besar..kononnye..huhu

9.30pm: arrived at Keramat area..because next destination was a restaurant there..but unfortunately it wasnt there we continue the journey..oh..its i called shida..but she was preoccupied with something..hehe..and by the time she called me back..i was already at we decided to find a place in bangi..frustrated~

10pm: decision has been made..makan at serdang..haha..because bangi seems to sad because we had 'tawaf' the whole KL but in the end we end-up eating in bangi? no serdang sound better..hehe..and try this kedai i remember a friend say good..but it wasnt so good after all..had our usual menu..and the tomyam wasnt as good as we used to big 'pangkah' for the kedai..sorry!

11pm: arrived at home at last, home sweet home..

hoho..that's pretty much everything i did yesterday..other then unproductive schuzyy..not good!

so today's plan..9am: class 10am: KL again..MARA to be specific..4pm class till 7pm mind again today..oh2..kakak said she wanted to celeb her birthday again maybe will buka puasa with her today..hehe..thanks kakak! oh2..happy belated birthday to my kakak, miss Idalia Shariena! happy 25th kakak..always happy and cheerful!! love u! muah2! xoxo ^_^

peace n out ^_^

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