Wednesday, August 4, 2010



oh my..this has been the longest since i last log on the internet..been busy plus my roomate is i dont want to ask her if i can borrow her broadband..gosh..i think i really should buy another one..think those streamyx guys in kedah is having long holiday kot..still no words from them..haish..

so..nothing much to write..really? haha..i am having fever since friday..and it is on n off as it wish..voice sounded all the mosquito bites..gosh..i am kinda worried if they think i am having dengue..because when i went to the clinic last monday..the doctor say if my fever didnt get well by wednesday.which is today..i should go there again for blood check whether i got dengue..huhu..and i have not get too is having fever..gosh..sorry girl..hehe..but i wont go the clinic yet.because i didnt take my medicine let's wait till friday..if this fever and all did not go maybe i will go and check..huhu..

i am currently having my mood not try to mess with me..haha..i got irritated real fast..but today..i think i managed to snap out of it super i think for my case..mood swing@PMS is avoidable or maybe..under control..hehe~

congratulations to me ^_^'s what my horoscope is saying today..em2..not that i believe it..haha..whateva~

Remember your mom telling you that if you had nothing nice to say, you should just be quiet? Keep that in mind if it begins to seem like everyone you've ever immediately disliked has chosen today to show up and irritate you further. Silence really is golden.
haha..tell u i have modd swing n got irritated fast ;p

Don't be upset if fate upsets your plans. You'll soon meet someone you would never have set eyes on if that stupid, stupid light had been green.
hohoho..i like this~

It's not like you're being totally unreasonable. It's that no one -- absolutely no one -- seems to be willing to see things your way. Now, why might that be?
hmm..ok..silence mode will be on tomorrow~

Don't expect your schedule to go off even remotely as you'd planned it to. Instead, expect roadblocks, delays and unseen obstacles. That way, at least you won't be disappointed, too. 

ok..thats all..i am keeping my positive attitude towards having happier future and brighter days ahead~ ^_^

positive positive positive!!!

peace n out ^_^

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