Wednesday, August 18, 2010

what I love about Ramadhan?


It's already a week of Ramadhan..and today is my 3rd day fasting..hehe..selambe..hoho..Today i just realized that i love this month soo much..

1) We got to do what our God ask us to do in knowing how those people who dont have anything to eat feel this is a month of sharing and bersyukur for what we have..Thanks Allah for that..^_^

2) I need my sahur(early breakfast) to avoid any tiredness..usually i will wake up at 5am to sahur..that means..rite after sahur..i got to solat subuh early..hoho..i love that!..just a feeling of a wonderful way to start a day..instead of praying at 7am..hehe..and i am trying hard not to sleep rite after wonderful~

3) I got to diet..actually my hope is to take less rice..but seems to be impossible..hahaha~

4) Internet during these hours (6 - 8am) seems to be super stable and fast! haha..I love it!!!

5) I got to eat Bubur Lambuk that soo much too!! hehe~

ok2..i am having ramadhan the wrong way..hehe..but actually..Ramadhan is a month that each and everyone of us should appreciate most..this is Allah's month..and He is giving us all the rewards that we could ever dream's all can be gain in this superb we all should do our best..because we never know can we still life to meet next year's be good OK! ;p

my life today:
i am planning to go to uniten with the rest at 8am..i got class at 10am, so i get couple of hours to study..i got quiz at later after class..still got few hours left to study..gosh i am super scared..those chapters are quite hard..huhu..hope i can get better..previous quiz i only managed to get 17/20..haish..not so good there schuzyy..haish..double haish~

oh2..thanks dear for the explanation..sorry for being so

i heard test on thursday will be postpone till after Raya..hoho..i hope the rumor is true..hehe..amin! but i still have a quiz today and another test on Friday..huhu..scared!!!

oh2..i think it is ok if i talk about an exchange student from a foreign country in Uniten..i think those who are from uniten will know who am i talking about..haha..we are in the same class for Control and Dsp..i wanted to  treat him like a guest since he is a guest rite? we all know..Malaysian is too polite to foreigners..haha..same goes to always..i always wear my smiles i did the same to him too..but..on some reason..i just felt weird everytime i smile  to him..because he would look at me in this strange weird way..which i i am deciding not to smile to him anymore..hahaha..even if he sit next to me during control's class..haha..whatla schuzyy u crapping about..hehe..yes i am crapping~

next..hmm..what's next? oh2..i think i am loosing my touch..i hate it when friends ask me about study..and i cant one like it isnt it? study schuzyy study!!! yosh!! i will!

ok...that's all for today..wish me luck!!! i got quiz today!

peace n out ^_^

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