Sunday, August 15, 2010

room perfected~


wehoo...last night..ita and i went to mines..buying our way to the ultimate perfection of our is just the bedsheet..hehe..but since it's we end up buying 2 back..changing to more comfy clothes...we start the mission..hoho..bringing the bed's frame and the super heavy mattress..haish..then..reassemble the bed..then..tadaa..mission accomplished! we have a bed to sleep on..instead of just mattresses..hehe..then a bit of re-arranging..then look for the room..but camera means no pictures..huhu..sad sad~

ok..speaking of sad..last friday was friday the 13..yes..i am not believing the bad luck and all..but since it was Friday the 13th..i kinda felt like it was my bad day..I got 2 test on Friday..power sys was bad..I remember the points but just cant seem to recall the details of the calculations..huhu..hopefully dR Au will be kind this time..sad..sad..then in the evening..another test..Control System...the paper was OK i think..just that 2 of the theory questions were out of my expectation..huhu..there goes evening..Ita wanted to see Despicable do me, ita and kakak went to Alam anda for the movie..hoho..gosh i was laughing my heart out..the Gru the kids..the cuteness was beyond the exaggerating a bit there..hehe..but i love it soo much!! after the got me thinking..since when i start to laugh so heartily? (*winks) oh yeaaa....since the The Eye 10...haha..most funniest was actually our 1st attempt watching ghost movie..haha..but luckily it was funny scary we was screaming and laughing all the way thru the unfortunate event on the Friday the thirteen..after the was only 11pm..and it was Friday ok..the next day is a's too early to go back..chewah..bad schuzyy bad girl! hehe..then i remember kakak told me about the Uptown in i wanted to see we went there..nothing much to see..but will go there again before some stall selling baju raya..hehe..then..the story..on the way getting out of the parking..i somehow..forgot how the curb was..then..the car bumper or skirt wateve..touched the heart stop..ok..i failed interpretting the story here..huhu..then i asked pape cicir x? huhu..kakak heart stop again! huhu.. i went out to see how bad it was..then..sadly to see..the skirt was broken..2 pieces came dont know how to describe it..just see it urself next time u see the WMK now..i havent say anything to mama or abah or anyone back home..huhu..the heart stilll havent maybe..will tell them when i'm back later..huhu..sad sad~

so that's the Friday the thirteen..bad luck~ more sadness after this i hope..

since i am still unstable..i am either getting too excited or getting a bit depressed after listening to everyones happy stories of getting married or engaged or anything similar..ok..i am depressed~

ok schuzyy stop the negativeness..u are better than this..positive2! yosh!!!

ok..this week: 2 more test and 1 quiz..and 2 test results..OMG!

Wednesday: CommSys quiz chap 3 and 4
Thursay: EIS test all chapters..OMG!
Friday: Comsys test..Chap 1-4 *hope i still remember chap 1 n 2..hehe~

ok..that's all for now..
i am trying to heal my heart now..all the stopping and scratching..haha..bear it schuzyy..u asked for it..the Lion dont know how it hurts..hate it but still..u asked for it~

peace n out ^_^

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