Tuesday, August 10, 2010



i wonder why i get so effected by certain things these days..haish..trying not to be so effected by outside factors..ok2..example..i am very aware with mood change..not mine..but others..meaning..when a friend of mine sad..or meaning to say..moody..i will be affected..then i'll get moody too..not good! when someone calls me..then the call disconnected in the middle of a conversation..without a good end..i will be moody..ok..that maybe not so much of an outside factor..haha..but still..ok2..i admit..my mood can change very fast..so..like i say before..if u notice me noticing u..eh..if u notice me changing mood..meaning..upset or moody..please help me by trying to change the topic..or bring a happy topic so that i will fastly changed to a happy mood..haha..ok..schuzyy is talking nonsense...stop~

ok..i read alia's blog..and she have song that she will listen to when she's sad..hmm..i think mine will be ne-yo's..and kelly clarkson's..but miss independent of ne-yo's definitely will make me as happy as drinking liptons ice lemon tea..haha..yes..ice lemon tea..everytime i get 'affected' i need ice lemon tea..if u see me drinking one..meaning..i am sad..or upset..haha..hoho~

ok..nonsense..stop stop

peace n out y'll~ ^_^

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