Sunday, August 29, 2010

another great weekend that i love! ^_^


i love weekend! especially when it is like this one..a 3 days weekend..hoho..friday was 'Nuzul Quran' so it's another holiday for us in selangor kedah and not to another few states..hehe..

what so great about this weekend? ok2..let me tell u here;
friday: sogo and mara (going there to solve the MARA's problem..haish~
saturday: sunway pyramid (taking my beloved purse! is like a new one! plus they gave me another bonia's paper bag..yes..i'm crazy about paper bags..hehe~
sunday: havent plan yet..but there is still possibilities to go out again today..hoho or less..still need to go out to service the car..hope it does take 20min as he said..hate waiting~

what so weird about this weekend? i felt so kedekut with myself..cannot buy this..shouldnt buy that..but i think it's good for me..haha..the general fact of buying will go crazy when we are hungry is not valid to me anymore..because i dont have the feel of shopping when i'm hungry but it will be the opposite when i'm full..but limited to how rajin i am to bring my full tummy around..haha~ good news for mr purse eh? hmm..need to give name to my mr purse..what suits? percy for a purse? haha


  • kids nowadays..bulan2 puasa pon nak peluk2 cium2..yg xbole public n pakai tudung pon supe je..ish2..
  • is gay in-trend now? usharing is my favorite past time since ever..haha..and like always..i was usharing the air..and i spotted few good looking guys with ehem..shockingly..a lembut sorry..but u guys look so gay..dont blame us for saying u are gay because u did acted as one..obviously! dont get me started on the description please..the fact is..this is wrong..there are still single ladies out there who cant wait to have a guy man  in their life..i heard few of my friends saying they are turning gay because the love of their life turn them down..frustrated...and jokingly said they want to be gay..gosh! saying can be like a pray ok! dont say anything like that..because u just might be one..huhu~

repent please~

near future plans:

  • study light; coming test only due 22nd sept..hoho
  • eat moderate; no rice..what?! less rice maybe ;p
  • spend moderate
  • fun way! ok2..the fact that i wont be having the car anymore after raya pretty much upset me..huhu..but there is still daniel around..ok ita? what is our next plan? ;p
  • raya moderate: dont eat too much ok! ;p
distant future:
ok2..this is pretty much what i day-dream everyday..think i should write this here would be perfect! haha~

2011: graduate , start working in december insyaallah~
2012: convo ; should be getting engaged to whom?
2013: last best date to get married i think..haha 11 12 13.. ;p
2016: 5 years working..if havent get double the starting salary..need to jump! hoho~
2021: 10 years..should be living my dream house ; have some sketches in working on the details..hehe..would be IKEA oriented..hoho~
2026: i will be 40 by this year, should have round the world!
2036: 50 and fabulous?
2046: 60 and with grandchildren..haha..ok..this is funny~

ok2..thats enough! it's getting weird and earie..haha..hmm...but can i live till i am 60? they say..the world should come to her end in 2012..but no one knows rite? what we all should do living our life to the fullest! no turning back! never regret whatever has happened before as it can never be corrected..just dont let it repeat again~

ok schuzyy..let's come back to reality! the sun has showed its what to do today? hmmm~

oh2..time waster!! ^_^

You Are In Stage VII

You may not be a full fledged adult, but you are in the same development stage as those in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.
You've reached the point in your life where you worry about stagnation. It's hard to keep growing and improving.

It's likely that you're going through some sort of "midlife crisis" right now where you're examining your life carefully.*ok..i'll die at 48 so it is my midlife..huhu~
If you are able to figure out what you want from your life, the years to come will be much more enjoyable.*yey!! 

What Stage of Development Are You In? i that matured? gosh~

Extravagance Feels Like Home to You

You love to pamper yourself, and why should that stop at home?*true!
You have the finest furniture and home decor that your money can buy.*hear that! ;p

You know that you'll be spending a lot of time at home, so you try to make it as wonderful as possible.

*wishing for that!
Your home is truly your castle. And it's a very comfortable castle at that!*amin!!! ^_^

You Are Vanilla Pudding

You are sweet and simple. However, you are a lot more complex than people realize.*everyone is more complex than they appear to be~
You have a real depth to you, and it's subtle. You are very interesting and exotic at your core.

You are a thoughtful friend and easy to get along with. You mesh with pretty much everyone.
You do fine on your own, but your personality really shines when you are around other people.

You Are Conscientious

You're all about rules and structure, as long as they make sense.
You strike a good balance between planning and spontaneity.

You leave the less important aspects of life to chance, but you're responsible when you need to be.
You enjoy being organized most of the time, but a little chaos is fun too!*ahaa! ^_^

peace n out ^_^

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