Thursday, August 12, 2010

saye hepi ble kawan2 sye hepi! ^_^


i heard 2 stories of my beloved friends being purposed this week! and gosh i am sooo happy for them...they are 2 of my closest people that is so close to get married..hoho..i am soo happy..dont ask me why..haha..oh2..maybe just the fact that their happiness really got me thinking when would someone ask me 'that' question? ^_^ oh my kakak-kakak..cant wait for ur big day!!! dont forget me ya..azy nak jadi flower girl!!!! ^_^

ok...just to share my happiness..i love it when i am happy for others..and hoping that i can be happy as they are too~

oh2..speaking bout happiness..gosh schuzyy! u got 2 test tomorrow!!!! go go study!!!

peace n out ^_^

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