Saturday, August 21, 2010

saturday and loving it~


yeay! weekend again..comsys test done..power sys test gotten the expected..haha..test dsp coming up next week..eis test postpone to 15th September which will lessen my raya holiday..hish!

i'm HOME-SICK! huhu..mama called tips and word and warning and advice..haha..not to drive at night..bertolak pagi la jawabnye..ok ainul! we are going back at 8am sharp! chewah..hoho..need to stop at fendi's bringing the mini-bar back..but before that..need to send jason the car for service..haish..everything need to be done after mara alowance day..omg! not good..not good..then need to go shopping for baju raya! yippee! and some kuih raya to bring back..hoho..macam gaji 2juta je..kikiki~

this month..few friends told me that they are getting married..getting engaged..being proposed..omg omg..all of that just making me feel old..gosh! i am not old..i am only 24 but feels like 18 still..hoho..and when i dont wear baju kurung..i look 19..they said it..not me..hehe..but ehen i wear baju kurung..i feel and look old..haish..not good..anyway..ita and i been having all this chats about and future and family..gosh..that was so much horror and sorrow in that topic..i think i is because i havent get my scroll yet..and they should be any of those 'wonderful' events in this near future..need to finish my degree first..get a job..then think about this..gosh..can i manage to survive that long to get married? answer it..2 of my housmates are planning for their engagement already bought the ring because Habib is having Diamond sale (gosh! double gosh! trying very hard to go to Alamanda to have a look..well..not that i'll be having one any sooner..huhu~) so happy for her~

ok2..back to the topic..yey! today is saturday again! and i am loving it..because no class..and i gotto do everything or nothing! haha..but this morning..after sahur..slept on the couch..and woke looking around..and start kemas2 the hall and kitchen..gosh..felt like housewife..erk..then upstairs..lipat baju..kemas buku (note: it is always a MAJOR mess after each please expect more of these entries after this..hehe) then INTERNET..till now..haha..the line is stable..that;s is why i love going on the net in the morning! what to do next? hmm..sleep and sleep and sleep maybe? ;p

yey! finally i got the time to explore my hotmail..haha..and my emails after this wont have those schuzyy name will be my real no more ashame..and explaining..hehe..but i love to explain what schuzyy is..hehe..i remember last time when en din asked what is schuzyy..haha~

ok2..thats all i guess..

peace n out ^_^

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arch-t said...

ehem. kat picc ade warehouse sale. siyes murah. esok last :D