Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wednesday+11082010 = 1st ramadan~


so how's everyone? happy ramadan to all muslims..hope this year will be a better ramadan to all~

thursday: EIS test..but they say..the test maybe will be postpone..but still..just be prepare..huhu~
friday: Power Sys 2 test and Control sys test..gosh..

all the best to me and everyone taking those subjects!

i need to start study!! go azy go! was talking to mama the other day..mama said something that make me wonder ever since..did i really made my mind about 'that thing'? have i? is it good for me? have it not make my life miserable enough all these years? and sometime it still does hurt me what should i do? and after all the all come back to the same answer..let just go with the flow..what ever will be will be..all i can do now is just..bare with what ever going to happen and live my life to the fullest..yosh!!

oh2..yesterday..went out with kakak (idalia)..thanks kakak for the treat! havent had pizza for quite u sooo much kakak! n semoga berbahagia selalu! xoxo ^_^

today..i felt like i need to go back to aloq staq..feel home-sick already..but since i've been telling everyone i will only go back on the 4th of be it schuzyy..sept is getting near..sabar ye~

ok..thats all~

happy ramadan to all! puasa jangan tak puasa ye ^_^

peace n out to eat ;p

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