Friday, July 30, 2010

IEEE..what is it about?


cewah..i am being so semangat about this ieee thing..i went to the membership drive they called it..then fortunately i was chosen to be one of the lucky 30 person to get a free membership for this year..haha..and that cost $ is in USD..huhu..but the membership is valid only for this half year..mean next year i need to renew it let's give ieee 5 months to show what can i benefit by being their member..hehe~

here's something about IEEE if u want to know la ;p

IEEE malaysia
IEEE global

blog as diary? hmm..i read somewhere that making he/she is avoiding making the blog like a it wrong? well..i think there's nothing wrong with in for me..i am kinda make this blog like my diary..only minus all the details..hehe..but this is a way for me to share what i want to share with anyone..because i am a person who looove to way for me to release my anger and tense is by telling it out loud or writing it somewhere..since my handwriting is very much like a i think it is waaaay better for me to type it i just type it and save it in the would just make my pc memory i decided to let it to the world..haha..since i am just a nobody..just a regular schuzyy so i think there wont be many who gonna get interesting with what's going on with my what's wrong to i can improve my english..even i think it havent get any better...haha..well at least i do try..right? ;p

oh2..i love this song because it is soo when listening to "nobody" i feel like dancing while listening to this..haha..and yes..i got my friends laughing at's ok..i love it when i get them laughing..because i know..they are happy..because no one laugh if they are sad..well..except for me maybe..hoho~

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