Sunday, May 2, 2010

there goes my weekend..happy! ^_^


wow! cant believe i can neglect my blog! haha..main reason..because i was upset! so i cant avoid me writing nasty words..hehe~

so..i am still thinking..where r u when i need u? nway..thanks for the night..i do miss u much..maybe i look like i didnt really appreciate u..but i do..only that i cant show it..haha..thanks for coming all the way from cheras to where i was each time dear~

oh..i was blog walking just now..i am happy for alia for the engagement..congratulations dear!and i am happy for another blogger for his discovery in foreign place which has teach him so me..i am glad i did chose to do my internship with MAS..eventho it's only for 3 months..but after 4 weeks..they have showed me so much that i never expected would an adults 4 weeks..i know..those things in malay dramas wasnt just a is real~ 

oh..thanks nurul for making my weekend fiiled with! finally! haha..i am considering on living in subang later..haha~

Fireworks Galore
Mars Conjunct Moon
Apr 29, 2010 to May 4, 2010
Anyone who triggers your feelings will receive a signal (and the transmission quality will be very loud and very clear) that their challenge has been accepted. Whether or not they intended this little emotional prod to be a dare of sorts won't matter. Your response will be the same. Duck!

Venus Opposition Saturn
May 2, 2010 to May 4, 2010
No, you never expected to actually be attracted to someone like him/her -- but it happened. Don't fight it. It's exhilarating, and such fun to see your loved ones squirm! much i want to put here that i forgot what i want to folks~ 

i wish u would come here to accompany me thru the night..alya blk umah till wednesday..huhu~

You Should Live in a Green House

You are a peaceful person who always seeks out quiet and solitude.
You love nothing better than a long walk, and you probably prefer to live near nature.

You are a good listener, but you always need down time to recharge after being around others.
You usually fit in anywhere. You blend well, and you're happy to sit back and observe.

peace n out ^_^

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