Friday, May 7, 2010

salam~ mood is fluctuating very easy these days..yes..i am unpredictable..but it is easy to handle unstable me if u know how..leaked the tips yesterday..haha..hmm..i am still thinking bout tmorow..should i or shouldnt i go tomorow? or should i go back? naaa...i will try asking mama if she will let me go back on the last week of the month..can have 3 it will be longer holiday for me..hoho..hmm..maybe will go to sentral tmorow seaching for train tickets..huhu~

lots happened to me this week..some are good and some are bad..but mostly good ones..but when it was alternating with the bad just make me feel worst than was why i have been sleeping at 8pm all these much thinking..planning and going with the flow thingy each day..just make me tired! huhu..

so next kid's dont know what to expect..will i made friend with her? will i hate her? will i be a good kakak to her? will they like her better? will i be abandon by them because she cuter? haha..why am i so worried? but i am worried..why oh why? with my mood like this..i hope next week will be fine..insyaallah~

please..i cant say it out loud..but when i suggest something..that means i want it..but if i detect any resistance in anything..even ur voice..ur face..anything..even an emm..i will take it as a no..and please note..that i will remember it forever..yes i do take revenge.yes..this is the bad part of me..hahaha~

ok..too much of revealing there azy! stop!! ok2~

Your Love Horoscope
You have been going through a period of reflection, Pisces, and maybe even some withdrawal when it comes to love. If there is anything unnecessary or outworn in your life, now is the time to pin point what that is and accomplish some out with the old housekeeping tasks with romance. You may have been clinging to an unhealthy romantic experience that is satisfying immediate needs and not progressing you anywhere in love. If you know the one that meets all of your needs, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and romantically, why are you letting them fall by the wayside. You don't need someone else to feel complete, but that someone else certainly does fill in a lot of blanks for you, so now may be the time to seek them out once again.

* it..want u but dont need u..just like what ne-yo said~

peace n out ^_^

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