Sunday, May 16, 2010

internship part 6

week6 day 1: money always matter much~


monday blues~

luckily the previous contract of the generator set at the main intake are today..i got the chance to see how they change the genset..beginning from the swithching off the supply..changing the switching on the power again~

now i know how generator really do help in these situation~

schuzyy is now more knowledgeable..*wink2~

week6 day 2: BCMS


what is BCMS? i have hearb bout this since the first today i got to see the 'thing'~

thanks to mr maswan..he brought me and fiza, the new trainee to the engineering complex for some close view on the BCMS..

BCMS, building control management system is the system used to help make things easier to monitor from one point, in this case from the maintenance office. now, with the system, they can monitor the air-cond system and the fire fighting system for the whole campus from one computer..super easy what tecnology can do for us nowadays~

but the problem today was actually, what can we do to decrease the temperature of the chilled water. so mr maswan said the least they can do is increase the frequency of the pump so that more chilled water are supplied to the users in hope of decreasing the temperature.

schuzyy know better about centralize air-cond system~

week6 day 3: golden lounges


today..begin at, fiza, k ina, k leha, and en azhar are going to the MTB, main terminal building which we called KLIA. what made i say these? because for those who work at the KLIA..klia is actually the whole thing..including that's is why the airport is called MTB..or the terminal in now u know..hehe

we are brought to the MTB under JUARA, some organization by MAS whom will organize this kind of event for the staff to get to know the company its our luck today to join them..hehe

the tour is about visiting 3 MAS golden lounges; domestic, regional and satellite..lucky us since there are only 6 of us..we got to eat at 2 places..domestic for breakfast and lunch at the regional golden lounge..nice2..i ate so much i cant eat anymore for dinner..haha~

schuzyy is thankful to JUARA for the day~

week6 day 4: fire-fighting system


so today, me as the senior trainee was given task to help the new trainee with her the day start with taking her to the security office for the Aviation safety briefing..during the 1 hour wait..i joined mr megat doing his daily visit to the pum house. the visit is mainly to check on the water pressure inside the pipes..the whole thing is quite complex..but to make it simple~

the fire-fighting system in MAS complex can be divide to 2 main part..the admin building and hangars..there are 2 hangars now..and they are using foam and water..the size was super huge! well for me there are..hehe..for the admin and another few buidings are the normal size..the pump house hold big responsible in case of fire since it will cover the whole area! gosh!

schuzyy understood more about the fire-fighting system~

week6 day 5: hotline system


so today..its office day again~

after i went to the visitor centre with fiza for her pass..then we went back to the today we decided to learn from the kindest officer in the zainal..or more known to us trainee as abg jenal..haha..he is the hotline guy..

for a maintenance department..hotline is the most crucial..we provide the we need the feedback..and the place they will contact if any problem occured is mr's either thru email or phone the complete process:

1. complaint from the user

2. mr zainal replied with the report number for future reference

3. complaints attend by officer or vendors

4. complaint report need to be endorsed and rated

5. report paper sent back to the office for filing and record's about 100 complaints in a please please be patient when u complaint later ok~

schuzyy love these kind of learning process~

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