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internship part 4~

MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2010

week4 day 1: i love site visit!


monday blues..well..i thought i just as a trainee wont have those..but actually i do felt just the same..haha~

arrived at the office at 8.10am..shocked! the door was closed..even the roller shutter was down..what happened? i was about to call my friend to ask whether its a holiday..haha..then i remember..oh..the door can be opened with its for the switch..and hope its not locked..yea! 1st time ever using a roller yes! i'm the 1st to arrived today..then k leha..then cik din..then k shima..then..then..thats all? omg! it is monday blues for everyone..k leha siad..everyone was having mc, car stuck in traffic cant start..omg! in the end..left on 6 of us..and abg maswan the econ master need to come in to take the hotline..haha..lucky they didnt ask me..hoho~

then..around 10am..en din was preparing to go to cargo area..i was frustrated at 1st because i know en kamal wont take me as i dont have the apron pass..but then..when en din saw me...he asked.." kamu nk ikot ke? " without asking where to..i just answered yes! haha..gosh i am super eager to end the monday blues..then in the lift i asked en din..oh..there was a trip at the visitor field! so..he stopped there.and i saw wak dahari, the chargeman was there..yey..i am relieved..among 4 chargemen..only 2 seems to be ok with me following them here and there...wak dahari and mr today..i am wak's shadow..hohoho..along with mr megat, alif,mizi and other 4 guys..the case was kinda big..we were testing here and there..quite tiring..i didnt know troubleshooting would be that hard...well..ok..i know it's tedious but not that in the end..2 causes found..but they could be not it keep on tripping..they change the lighting of the signboard, change the ELCB, earth leakage circuit breaker and major problem..cable insulation of the gate at the entrance was they will put on tender for i was sent back to the office at 2.30pm..gosh! tired..but like always..i cant stay at the office for long..i need to move! so at 3pm..i heard en din was going to cargo again..taking a bunch of contractor for a site visit before they proceed with a new project of changing the fire fighting water sprinkler at theAdvance Cargo Center, ACC. so like in the morning..en din asked..kamu nk ikot ke? nak!! here i 1st visit to the ACC. actually en sahar has given me few assignments to complete that related to the now..i got a clearer idea on the assignments! yes!

the 1st part was meter measuring at the ACC since they just installed meter for electric i need to measure, compare and analyse..

2nd part: the level of illumination at the ACC to respond to complaint that they need more light..according to my supervisor, the lights are sufficient according to the lux level set by government spec~ day at the office today was not so thing i know its already 5.30pm..time to go home! yey!

schuzyy cant wait for tuesday~

week4 day 2: Advance Cargo Center


since yesterday was so hectic..i thought today will be i am well prepared for boredom..i was planning to start writing and doing research on my assignments..but then at 10am..en sahar told me..wak dahari, the chargeman was waiting for me to go to ACC for meter i went with him to almost all cargo agent's offices..gosh..what an experience..he said..i am lucky to get to each and every office there is..because if we didnt do the meter reading..on what purpose will i be allowed to set foot on every task was just to read the numbers on the meter then wak dahari will keep the record. then i followed them to Hgr 6 attending a complaint about wrong fix female socket..yes..socket has for today~

so i hope..tomorrow i can get to go somewhere else..just to keep me away from my desk..gosh i am made to be an engineer..i need a desk NOT! desk makes me wonder i felt sleepy when i study..hehe~

schuzyy need more work!

week4 day 3: electrician~


after having breakfast with k ina..en azhar n en yusof asked if i want to follow them to was a monthly check-up before they report back on their meeting. so i went with them along with a contractor..

main problem was the floor they are considering repainting..then suddenly the engineering staff of hangar6 came and told us that 4 of their jet socket dont have we went there to check. calling the chargeman and vendors, they checked and concluded that all 4 of the sockets need to be replaced. so we went back to the office because those socket need to be ordered from oversea..malaysia dont have any of those yet..sad~

then in the evening..i was planning to just concentrating on my assignment since en sahar asked me almost each then i made my move..i went to see abg zainal, he's the one keeping all the record on all bills that MAS complex need to pay..whoaaa..the bill is reaching took the values so that i can proceed with my electricity evaluation of the ACC. i need to compare the bill for the 2009 since they have installed new meter there. they assume the cargo area only uses 20% of the overall electric consumption. so i need to prove either they was right or wrong.

just before 5.30pm..en din called me..he said..i should follow the vendors so that i can learn better..doing real electrical i can learn them hands-on. at first i was rebellious..haha..then after some hard thinking..i think it is true..this is the time i got the chance to learn..without any i borrowed safety shoes from a today(thursday) i will be an electricial! hohoho..wish me luck!

schuzyy is ignoring other matter for real electrical jobs today!!! yosh!! ^_^

week4 day 4: vin diesel~


haha..the title state as if i meet my dream guy..haha..actually it was about me..getting a chance to ride a diesel lorry! the diesel was needed to fuel the generator at the substation.

: that was the lorry i was in with mr mokhtar :

: almost empty :

: full tank of diesel:

: tadaaa...after re-fuelling :

: after re-fuelling :

: the whole picture :

the morning was spent with reading about frequency..this was somewhat a challenge from en din..he said..if i want to be a good engineer..i should know what i need to know...the main purpose is to avoid any pijak kepala or tertipu by there i was..sitting..reading..and maybe later i will follow those guys doing the rough jobs..yosh!

schuzyy is ready for the real job! yosh!

week4 day 5: water flow meter


like other fridays..i was not expecting much i am preparing myself with more reading materials..but then, around 10am..en sahar told me that engineers from subang will come to look at the i should be joining i asked en zaflee when hj radzi will come..i need to follow him..but then en zaflee said..its just a normal visit..just to confirm the nothing much to see there..then hearing that..en sahar asked me..whether i want to follow them changing the water flow wasnt really related to power, but i followed still..haha..
: mr ganesh was checking the flow meter:
the others was people from MAHB

: the new meter :

: a small part of my

one thing i learn from that outing our home..they used analog meter..but here..they need to use this flow meter for easier getting all sort of details and reading..the data can even be downloaded and uses electronic..and it cost rm9000! yes..thousand! omg~

schuzyy is shocked with the price all those techy things can be~

end of week 4..gosh..cant believe a month passed already~

hmmm..what will be like after 12 weeks? wonder2~

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