Monday, May 24, 2010

internship part 7~

week7 day 1: jalan2 day~

today was most tiring day..but i love it! this is why i keep on getting question from i want to join this department? and my answer is still..YES! haha..main reason because its with dream job..then come the 2nd most important reason..the job is not mainly in the office..and it need some brain what en din said..or more like complaint..hehe..if i want to rest i better not join them..but of cause i dont want an office maintenance IS for me..i wont mind having to deal with fussy users..i wont mind doing dirty work..and most of all..maintaining things is much more easy than developing new projects..hoho~

so..what i did today?

morning: mr maswan brought us to hangar 5 to change the smoke detector..he explained to us that the fire-fighting system in the MAS complex can be monitored from the control room at the admin building where the office when the alarm triggered they will know it..and in case of false alarm like this..when they come to check..its only because of the smoke detector contaminated with dirt or its either cleaning or change..then he brought us to the control room. it uses CMS, call monitoring system..which will call the fire department as soon as real alarm is no time will be wasted.

then mr maswan brought us to the genset room at the hangar 6. that was one of the 2 genset placed for the building. it is a 400kvA generator set.

evening: mr nazri brought us to GSE, ground support equipment building and ECS, engineering central store for some check-up with the complaints.

schuzyy love site visit~

week7 day 2: another thoughts~


plan for today was, 1st help fiza with the pass then its either follow mr megat to check the contractor's work or go to fmb. since we asked mr megat 1st, then he said he need to settle some work at cargo so we decided to go to fmb.

so at fmb we spend most of the time listening to mr md noor's teaching.yes..he love to teach..they even have white board and markers for him to play teacher with the staff there..funny when we are there, its easy for him to explain on the system and all. it was my 2nd time there, so it was so much of a new experience. what's new are just the view inside the aircraft control center; where we got to see some pilots.hehe..

then he brought us to the control room. it was something like one in admin building. so not so new experience for me..huhu~

then we went back at the admin building or so called SFB, support facilities building.

then, for another 1 hour.. i spend time taking life lesson with mr jamal and mr zainal. something out of practical spec..haha..but it is valuable for my life ahead. thanks so much~

schuzyy is regretting her decision today~

week7 day3: new things again! yey! love it~


office day in the morning..then around 3pm..en azhar took us to hangar 06..they are fixing the pump under the hangar platform..gosh..they have 2 storey under the floor..

one of the bulding supervisor said we can asked for fomal tour if we want to see the aircrafts..hoho..i like~
schuzyy love learning new things~
week7 day 4: air cond day


today..air-cond day again~

i think i can now understand about 80% of how AHU, FCU and what split unit is all about..insyallah~

all thanks to mr maswan and mr megat~

week7 day 5: air-cond and fire fighting system~

salam~ megat took us to hangar 06, to the oven galley check on the air-cond problem is a FCU, fan coil the process is a bit different from AHU.

and mr megat too had took us to the pump house, checking the pipe pressure~

schuzyy learn more about fire and water and air~

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