Sunday, May 16, 2010

How 2 know if ur partner truly loves u~

You Are Optimistic

Some people may consider you to be too rigid, but you take living well quite seriously.

You are a naturally curious person. You are truly interested in how the world works.

You value your relationships, and you try to learn as much about your friends as possible.

Expression and art recharge you. You feel best when you are able to make something.

Are you in a relationship and you would like it to be love? Do you want to know whether you are in love or whether it is just a relationship? There are many people that believe they are in love and their partner is not in love with them. They may even say they are. Here is how to know if your partner truly loves you or not.

First, the easiest way to know if your partner loves you is to watch how they treat you. If they put your feelings first more often than not, then they probably do love you or at least they care about you quite a bit. When the think about you first it is a good sign and when they do not want to upset you it is a good sign as well.

Second, you can tell if someone loves you by the way they react after a disagreement or a fight. If they appologize whether it was their fault or not, then they probably love you. If they refuse to appologize and it was their fault or even if it was not, then they probably do not love you at all. This is a sign that they are selfish and are not thinking of you one bit.

Last, you can tell if someone loves you if they are willing to commit to you and only you. If you are unsure if your partner truly loves you, then start talking about marriage. This will either scare them away or excite them. Maybe they are not ready right this moment, but if they truly loves you, then they will be willing to talk about marriage without much hesitation.

my words: i am truly sorry..that was my biggest regret this week..huhu..hope that wont change us~

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