Tuesday, May 25, 2010

tiring but funny~


today..felt like i was loved by everyone at the office..ok..i am perasan..haha..abg jenal promised to give me something before i chow..told k leha i will give her a hug on the last day..k shima said she will give me something when she came back from vietnam, abg zaflee was being kind to me..hahaha..abg wan was too are kind..he and abg megat was surprisingly are keen on taking us along..haha..thanks so much people! love u all!! gosh i will definitely miss u guys later! funny when abg wan was joining us doing all those peace thingy when we snap his picture..haha..so cute~

hohoho..tomorow..rite after work..i will ask ijat to send me to the ukm komuter...then i'll go to sentral..and choo choo train will come for me at 9pm..hoho..this is my 1st time taking train home..and i am taking it alone..huhu..sad my plan to bring u home failed..huhu...maybe next time..plan it properly ok..u said it~

they say i will be super bored in the train..as expected..so i am preparing myself with 3 books..i hope i can read them..

peace n out ^_^

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