Wednesday, May 26, 2010

dupdap dupdap~


usually, when my heart felt this dupdap2 thingy, i will definitely then bump into someone..haha..but this dupdap2 since last week..and i havent bump into i am still waiting and wondering..what will happen next? who is it?

then just now..when i was bathing..i remember something else..with all those tragic tragedy in the from friends, who knows, if my time is up..huhu..i remember checking ball's brother's fb's wall( many 's) and her story, where now they know it was all messages from him..huhu..

so today, not knowing what going to happen, i think i should ask for everyone's forgiveness..i am sorry for everything i have done in this 24 years 3 months and 3 days..i know i never meant all of those bad things i said or done to u..just me a ordinary girl doing some stupid things..just a part of the learning process i soorry..

eda, utang ko rm20..haha..claim kt mak aku eh..hehe

hehe..when come to think of does make it sad rite? but i havent done much good what if i really am going..huhu..gosh! thats scary~

so..ok..again..please forgive me~

so pray i will get to aloqstaq safely..will be posting again on sunday nite or monday morning if i am still alive..hoho~

peace n out ^_^

luv u~

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