Monday, May 24, 2010

july is coming so fast~


today was better than before~

tiring but i like it~

how i will miss them all so much...but will they ever miss me????

am i a kid trapped in an adults body? or i just choose not to be an adult? omg! adult??? haha~

yes2! en din said i can have leave in liew on thursday!! yea! syg en din!! hohoho~

my heart is beating so fast these days..why oh why? usually it is because of someone..but since thursday i felt so..but still not a clue on why i felt that way..GOD please show me what this all mean~

farah said internship will end in 3 weeks? did i counted wrongly? this is week since we are doing 12 weeks intership so meaning i still have 5 weeks right? i wish this will never end~

every time i think of u, i smile..gosh..i do miss u every now and then~

ok..schuzyy is being very jiwang now..dlm hati ada taman? hahaha~

oh..i watched a drama just was soooo funny when they said jantung instead of hati for heart..i english we use to say " my heart will accept u for who u are" but in malay it should be " hatiku akan menerima kamu seadanya" but when it is translated would say " jantungku akan menerima kamu seadanya" ok..hope u got what i'm trying to say here..hahaha..jantung = heart and hati = liver..

my heart will go on..

my liver will go on..

haha..ok..i'm done with this stupid proves~

gosh my language is getting worse~

ok..thats all~

peace n out ^_^

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