Sunday, May 16, 2010

internship part 5

week5 day1: wehooo..i am not afraid of height~


monday: DOSH officer came for the renewal for the tele-platforms licences..en azhar said i can follow him if i yes!! my chance! haha~

the officer came with the CTI System guy, Mr Kumaran..he was the one who is in-charge for all the machines..he need to be around daily to do the daily maintenance..such as greasing the cables and all..

so the inspection was schedule to take about 1 hour..but due to few reasons: hard to get cooperation from the Hangar can we do..just wait and wait~

so the inspection was done on few things..the hooks..the cables..the platforms..

the test end at went well..thanks to miss anizah~

later that evening..i spent in the office..reading the act book..omg~

schuzyy cant stand being in office too long..sleepy weh!!!
week5 day 2: the climb~


hehe..its not about the song by miley cyrus..but it's me doing the climb..hehe~

en din invited me to join the meeting with Siemens discussing bout the transformer's actually to negotiate the price again..i think they have made up their mind about the type and i think its the Siemens after to wait for another 10 weeks i guess~

then en sahar asked me to follow him with hj radzi to Cargo Agent A..they are planning on changing all the lightning arresters that was's kinda weird when looking at the security and assumption's done by the people working inside the complex itself..weird when people now don't mind taking others belongings just for money~

the process for a tender to be opened will involve:

1. visiting the site

2. estimation on the things to be done

3. calling min 3 contractors

4. 3 quotations

5. selection

6. request work order

7. request work approval from subang; with the budget approval

8. work done

9. report

that's what i understood..i will try to ask some example to put in the report later~

week5 day 3: major problem! yey!


like always..if one day i was out to the site..then the day after i will be kept at the office..its ok..

so today..en sahar told me to search on the lightning arrestors especially the technical specification for him to put on the i tried..its kinda hard to find thing when we want it..anyone agree? i keep on searching..

then around 4pm..the power went off..then i heard en sahar shout..azy! go fix it..omg~ haha..then i heard mr zaflee said..even the phone went in my it alien? haha..ok..its not..then phone went on again..and phones are turned out that the whole campus supplies are off..and when i text my friend at MAB..he said it from after 10 min..the power was on again..thank God! but the truth is still to be discovered~

schuzyy need more major problems~

week5 day 4: update~


i was so eager to get to the office today! i need to know what happen yesterday!

so i asked en din..he said..the problem is not from need to wait for GDC or TNB..

the story was actually IS from the MAB..they were doing some testing when the power went off..but when they tried to put it back on..GDC had the supply of 75% form GDC is left them with no now..we are using 100% supply from TNB..

and GDC said..their chillers too had the chilled water supplied will be slightly high than normal..

problem to us..complaints form LSG catering..they need chilled water for their IS big problem there..

ok..schuzyy really cant stay in office long~

week5 day 5: the climb again~


en sahar another contractor are i can follow him today..we climb another 2 buildings..cargo agent A and C..quite interesting view~

schuzyy is falling in love with airport~

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