Monday, May 17, 2010

hyper day~


last i had nescafe this week was on thursday..then today..the effect? wow! i was sooo hyper..haha..but what my friends said..i help them be more energetic..hoho..thank God i do some good today..haha~

so today..speak a lot..argue a lot.. questions a lot..haha..thanks mr zaflee, mr maswan, en din..hehe..u are the best! hoho..

omg..its already week 7..another 5 weeks and 4 days to go..huhu..ok2..i will definitely miss them more than they would miss if they would miss me..huhu..sad..all the eyes..the dirty jokes..the fights..the talk..the breakfast..the lepak..the guys..the kakaks..omg! how can i live without them..omg! i love doing practical!! oh Allah..can i really work there? please please please!

what i will remember most will definitely be the journey..the 1 hour journey..flashing my MAS pass at the main entrance..the sight of mr jamal car at the car park..checking en din's car whether he's in earlier than me or not..arriving at the 2nd floor..go to the washroom for some touch-up..hehe..then check whether en jamal is at his place or is weird why is always went missing these days..haha..then check who else are in before me..greet them good morning and salam..asking how their day yesterday..or their weekend..ask k ina whether the boss is in today..then k leha will say..jom! my favorite moment..breakfast! hehe..then go up to the office for some breakfast..then eat.then listens to some gossips...then greeting all the late comers..hehe..then all work and more play and best lepak buddy..abg jenal..he is my ultimate lepak buddy..everytime i felt sleepy or bored i will go to him if there are all abg zaflee and abg maswan..hoho..but if there are more people there i will go to k ina's place..hoho..thanks k ina for being patient with me all this while..hehe..thanks k leha, k shima, en din, en sahar, en azhar, en yusof, en jamal, abg zaflee..abg maswan, abg jenal, abg nazri, abg megat, abg moktar, wak dahari, alif, wan, mizi, awe, abe, and hj radzi..ok..that all i think..hoho..gosh i will miss definitely miss u guys after this~


if i were to work there..i hope nothing will change~ visiting lecturer will be dr yasmin hanum..and i am glad its her..because she knew about me and MAS since i was making the decision..haha..funny when she found out that i chose MAS over TNB..hehe..not regret there~ ^_^

peace n out ^_^

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