Friday, April 30, 2010

omg omg omg!


ok..i just did something that is sooooo not me! omg! and i really really really reaalllly hope this is happening for real! haha~

 Your Love Horoscope
Affection is at the forefront of all things romantic today, Pisces, and this will either please you or frustrate you. If you are attached, you may well just get the affection that you have been craving for some time. Or perhaps you have been wanting to express affection in an unconventional manner and your advances are not being well received. This will lead to some frustration on your part as you are not one who enjoys having creative impulses stifled. Is it possible that you need to reconsider this union and move on to someone who you know can meet your needs precisely the way they need to be met? Single? Try to revisit an old friendship. If there are any tensions in the past, leave them there, and start fresh as that someone is waiting for you to make the first move. always..time waster~

so..what i did today? continue from yesterday..still have my mood swing even not the time for moonny  yet..haha..its all because of men..again..and u know how i hate being waiting and do nothing! haish! i looked up to u..but when u show that u dont deserve my respect..i just wont today..i was being a bit off limit..i denied ur today..i proceed my my assignment..and followed en sahar..and spend precious time with them..its not related with electric but yes i do learn..yes i do! and they didnt make me wait like a stupid little girl u can tell to do everything u want! gosh i hate snobby adults!

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