Monday, April 5, 2010



my last paper! it was what can we now? just wait for THE results~
went to kajang with lyza, bought my ticket back to kedah then went to kl sentral to buy eda's n rijal's tickets..then on the way back..the sad story..huhu..on our way back from ukm's komuter i stopped at petronas refueling..then..the story..i had my first accident! haha..langgar lopak..i thought it was not deep..but thing i know..i was under daniel..huhu..luckily lyza was she help lift daniel up and we ride nothing happened..haha..funny was not so dramatic..haha..but that was my 1st bike accident..lucky lyza was ok..daniel...he had few scratches at the break and exhaust..but me? huhu..i had 3 huuuuugeee bruises at both my thigh..huhu..saket..still~

saturday: home sweet home~

sunday: eda n rijal came to aloq staq..mama n abah did a superb job promoting the homestay..haha..then..we head back to bangi around 2.30pm..arriving at bangi after checking the way to kelana jaya around 11.30pm..super tired!

monday: internship day 1
hoho..who think internship could be bored n fun at the same time..hahaha~
shida syg..skang aku pon bley cte sal sv1 n sv2..haha..tbe2 aku pon dh de 2 sv..haha~
oh..i would be updating full story bout my internship at this blog..and the rest of the other things that happened i think..this blog would have less words..huhu~

ok..cant wait to go there again! hehe~

peace n out ^_^

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